Window Styles

Consumers already know that first-hand knowledge of any product is power, and being armed with knowledge of different types of windows before going shopping for new ones, is to your advantage! Listed below are some of the most common (and most popular) choices of windows that are preferred by contractors, homeowners, architects, designers and builders.

Awning Windows

The awning window is currently the most trending window design for a smorgasbord of reasons. Just as the name implies, these windows open outwards and inwards, so immediately proving to be more functional than traditional windows (in the outward position, air flow can still ventilate, but rain is deflected). Other perks that come with awning windows is their attractive style, welded frame & sashes for durability, 90 degrees opening for simplified cleaning, triple seal sashes, full dimensional screen made of fibre glass, matching contours for design interests, added security with snap-in glazing, tightly sealed for energy efficiency and a single lever for easier operation.

Casement Windows

Exquisitely designed that offers an upscale, elegant look, casement windows are in a class of their own. The heavy-duty hinge system allows for multi-directional ventilation, coupled with its positive crank mechanism gives the casement windows an advantage, larger glass windows with a streamline appearance. These windows can be fitted to any opening and still maintain its energy-efficient snug seal. The multi-point locking feature found on casement windows adds unsurpassed security.

Single Slider Windows

The single slider windows are economical, practical and energy efficient. The single slider window has a two window glass panels, one is permanently fixed, while the other slides open effortlessly horizontally. The single sliding window is ‘top shelf’ when it comes to an ENERGY STAR status, when used with LOW-E glass insulated and krypton gas (the energy rating now skyrockets to 38!).

Double Slider Windows

Commonly used in both bathrooms and kitchens for their thermal efficiency and insulation factor, double slider windows advocates for positive air flow. The sash on a double slider window glides horizontally effortlessly, which comes in handy when it is time to clean the windows exterior and interior glass. Condensation build up that can arise in moist environments like baths & kitchens need the positive air flow to filter it properly, and these windows provide just that.

Single Hung Windows

Single hung windows are the most recognized type of window as it has a historical past and classical style. The single hung window is popular because of its simplistic nature and is easily integrated into any structure and décor. The bottom sash glides up and down easily and opens inward, which is highly convenient for cleaning (the upper sash is fixed).

Double Hung Windows

The double hung windows are a fantastic upgrade from the single hung windows, with its structural integrity & durability, to its ease of operation because both sashes glide up and down and tilt inward (fantastically easy for cleaning both the exterior and interior glass). The exterior of double hung windows makes them subtler and less ‘eye grabbing’, when the focal point should be that amazing patio, or landscaping or new siding job.

End Vent Slider Windows

Unique in design & attractive in appearance, the end vent slider windows mix together desireable wider views with a simplistic horizontal sliding feature. A big perk to choosing the end vent slider window is, it has a similar look as a casement window, but is more economical. The centre pane is fixed with sliding panes on either side, which they also tilt inwards, perfect for easy cleaning of both outside and inside the glass panes.

Picture Windows

Unsurpassed thermal efficiency is the high point to any picture window as it is a fixed window. There are plenty of fun options for dressing up picture windows, including grill designs, trim options and customizable frame shapes. Many people use picture windows as a décor statement and to let in natural light (sometimes in unusual spaces like blank walls of a staircase).

Fixed Casement Windows

Fixed casement windows provide the same elegant features as casement windows, but is fixed in place. Lots of natural light and energy efficiency are two of the best features of fixed casement windows. Used in rooms that already have excellent ventilation, fixed casement windows offer the ability to add more outdoor light and views of the outside. This particular type of window possesses a sizeable mid-section and two smaller side sections that extend vertically.

Bay Windows

Known for their angular shape, bay windows have plenty of appeal when a larger window is desired and still have open-window capability. Bay windows have a fixed centre pane, with casement windows on either side, which not only allow for a gorgeous overall look both the exterior and interior of the home, but adds real functionality too.

Bow Windows

Bow windows are unique in their appearance because of the 4 to 8 panels of glass that is used to create the ‘bowed’ look. A big perk to having fixed bow windows is the great seating ledge that is created in the interior (ideal for sitting, placing plants or any other design feature that requires a bit of additional space!). Bow windows are energy efficient through advanced sealing techniques.

Custom Windows

You are never limited to standard options when it comes to replacing your windows. We specialize in fabrication of windows that are customized to the your specific requirements. Customs windows can either be a single custom fabricated window or multiple custom windows working as a single unit to give you maximumu natural light without having to sacrifice performance characteristics.