Patio Doors

As many homeowners know, patio doors are the entrance & exit that ‘opens-up’ an extension of an entertaining space, an access route to a garden or to the backyard. The exciting part about patio doors is…the expansive views they create and all the natural light they allow to pour into a home. When you are on the hunt for new patio doors, you have taken an excellent first step by checking out our company! Highly experienced with all three Canadian climate zones, you will be required to make some decisions prior to purchasing your new patio door, and we can most certainly assist you with those decisions, while keeping you ‘on track’ with your set budget.

Trending & Traditional Styles

Patio doors can be much more than just traditionally opening and closing, you have choices, when it comes to how your patio doors will operate and function, all the while knowing they are energy efficient and tightly-sealed (our door specialists will provide you with additional tips on how to make your patio doors even more weather-tight). Whether your patio door is a folding patio door, three-track patio door, hinged patio door or a sliding patio door, there are variables with both that you should take into consideration. Hinged patio doors are hinged along one side of the door and swing out or pull in, which you will need to ensure there are no obstacles that would prevent your patio doors from being able to function properly. Some homeowners opt for sliding patio doors for their space-saving open/close function, sliding along tracks (back and forth). Folding patio doors open-up a more expansive area by an accordion-like fashion.

Quality Materials

Our patio doors are made from high quality materials…PVC/vinyl, wood, fibreglass, steel and aluminium. Our PVC/vinyl and wood structure & frames are manufactured with the strictest of standards, meeting energy efficiency, internal sloping for effective drainage and optimum thermal insulation. Our exterior reinforced aluminium cladding enhances longevity and increases durability. Our extrusions are thicker in comparison to other companies, to ensure the best defense against high winds, cracking, warping, rotting or splitting.

Additional Options

There are some unique and fun additional options that you can incorporate into your patio doors design and performance. Internal blinds not only give you the control over incoming natural light, they also provide more security by adding a touch of privacy. You can have optional brickmould (exterior trim) with sill extensions (adding depth) and you can add security options like a foot bolt, security bar or a keylock.