Bay Windows


Your Personal Style

As far back as the medieval & baroque eras, bay windows have been hugely favoured by a variety of people who wanted a larger presence to the interior & exterior of structures. The desire for an expansive collection of windows as a focal point of a home has not changed over the years, and may even be your personal style too! Bay windows have changed to meet modern trends and have been upgraded to superior quality via engineering & materials used. The look of bay windows is appealing, no matter what the configuration is (fixed panes or fixed panes mixed with operable windows). With your personal touches and choices, your bay windows can enhance the value of your home or cottage greatly. A bonus feature of bay windows is the ‘sill’ that is created from the shape of bay windows, and within the interior, can be enlarged to provide cozy seating for gazing outside or, keep to original size for other uses that work with your personal décor.

Bay Windows Style

Bay windows comes in a variety of styles and mixed options, but basically begins as a space that sits outward from the main walls of a structure, which forms a ‘bay’ within a room. The phrase ‘bay windows’ is a term used for any windows that protrude outwards from walls, regardless of height. Bay windows are mostly square and polygonal, with flat-fronted and angled sides bay windows are referred to as canted. Oriel windows is bay windows that is supported with either a bracket or a corbel. Typically, three windows are used to create bay windows and usually consist of the middle window being fixed (a larger window that is stationary and non-operational), with casement windows on each side which are angular-shaped. Bay windows can be custom made to suit any architecture style and personal tastes.

Bay Windows Performance

The benefits keep stacking up in favor of bay windows, and the performance factors are just as appealing! With trending casement windows that compliment the middle-fixed window, you can be assured of a higher performance overall from your new feature piece to your home. From the multi-point locking lever, to the fold down handles which provide additional security & safety, to the multi-chamber frames that redirects condensation away from the glass, to the push-down & removeable screens made of heavy gauge fibreglass, bay windows have addressed every possible issue that has occurred in the past with older windows. Furthering the performance of bay windows is the option to build a small exterior roof overtop the window to shelter it from the weather elements and enhance views, keeping rain & snow at ‘bay’. Forced entry is much more difficult with the latest cutting-edge technologies of the security cam locks, snap in glazing and keeper, found with today’s casement windows.

Bay Windows Sound Insulation

With the largest window being fixed and the side casement windows having lock-tight technology, bay windows truly do provide a better sound barrier with the transmission of sound. Outside noise pollution is unwelcomed to many people, and when opening windows for fresh air and ventilation is necessary, then certain levels of noise is a common occurrence. With the fixed centre window however, the noise levels from outside are cut back to just the opened casement windows, which is another benefit to bay windows. The framing materials available also offer some sound transmission barriers like vinyl and wood, which are decorative and come in a wide range of colours. Even the glass used (glazing layers and panes used) can positively contribute to blocking sounds from the outdoors.

Bay Windows Energy Efficiency

With a fixed centre pane and two modern operable windows at the left and the right, bay windows are more energy-saving friendly then most people may think. The windows made today, like casement windows and hung windows, are manufactured and engineered to maximize lock-down and sealed-tight technologies, which adds real energy savings and avoids typical issues of drafts and moisture that hold hands with older types of windows. Incorporating larger dimensions to windows does not necessarily mean that there is a greater chance for loss of energy efficiency. On the contrary, today’s bay windows are constructed from the highest quality materials, formulated with internal chambers that add insulation, noise reduction and thermal efficiency.
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