Picture Windows


Your Personal Style

Finally, a type of window that can completely "reflect" your personality and décor designs through its versatility…picture windows! Highly popular and currently trending, picture windows answers a lot of questionable tight spots where other windows just don’t seem to ‘fit in’. There is a long list of perks that accompany picture windows, beginning with the exceptional energy savings (these windows are fixed and do not open), their customizable flexibility, higher cost savings and designer-décor potential! Both office and home benefit from picture windows that can be used as stand-alone feature windows where lots of natural light is desired, but no air ventilation is required, or, in conjunction with other window styles that do open for fresh air. Picture windows gives you the opportunities to explore your inner designer, with exterior & interior colour choices, hardware finish choices and pattern & grid options.

Picture Windows Style

Picture windows tend to be taller rather than wider, so using these types of windows to illuminate areas of offices or homes with natural daylight is a super, cost effective way to save money over time. The real beauty of picture windows is, they can be used with other windows that do operate with open/close features like a series of casement windows or even double hung windows to increase the width and height factor (mostly used in larger spaces). Picture windows can be custom made to suit any taste, from style to size to varying glass pane types to framing materials used. This wide berth of choices really does give you the freedom to master the main feature points of your home, cottage or office. The benefits are numerous with picture windows, including extending the lifespan of the windows themselves, and increasing the value of any building through high energy ratings and zero operational hardware and moveable pieces to decrease the life of these windows.

Picture Windows Performance

One of the best performing windows that allows for the most natural light and the highest energy efficiency rating, picture windows stands above the rest. When incorporated into a clever combination with other windows that do perform for air ventilation and fresh air intake, the standards of picture windows do not change, but rather, is enhanced. Due to pictures windows diverse styles, making a statement or making picture windows the highlighted feature in your home or office, is super-simple and provides room for you to be creative (windows have their own personality, so why not let them express your personality?). In the direction where the sun rises each day, is an ideal spot for picture windows placement, allowing for the warmth of the rising sun to flood any room with plenty of sunlight.

Picture Windows Sound Insulation

Picture windows are great at blocking the transmission of sound for the sole reason there are no opening glass panes, and when coupled with more glazing and layered panes, the sound-proofing factor increases. Some windows are specially designed for sound-proofing, and when these additional measures are taken and fused with picture windows, it creates a dual purpose, energy efficiency in the highest degree and sound-proofing from the noise pollution of the outside environment. There is nothing better than having expansive, unobstructed views (which picture windows provide) with a bit of sound-proofing on the side…not too many other types of windows can claim that flexibility or provide the same dramatic splashes of clean lines and subtle, low profile framing!

Picture Windows Energy Efficiency

Attics’, stairways with landings, garages, porches, basements, sunrooms & mud rooms benefit highly from the use of air-tight picture windows! But, there are no ‘rules’ when it comes to picture windows and where they should be used, they are versatile and come in a diverse scope of sizes and styles. Because there are no operating mechanisms or opening or closing sashes, consumers’ can achieve maximum energy efficiency with picture windows (vinyl framing is ideal for their longevity and successful repellant nature against the outside elements (they do not crack, peel, split, rot, colour fade or become deformed over time). For bathrooms and kitchens where, interior condensation is typically an issue, picture windows are often used to keep moisture and drafts from building up and causing structural damage (like black mold). When proper ventilation is in place like exhaust fans & stove hoods, picture windows are a perfect choice for keeping rooms cozy, dry and warm in the winter months!
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