Window Replacement Halton Hills


Window Installation

Talking to one of our window specialists will help you along your window journey and assisting you with the confidence needed to make clever and sound decisions in how to choose windows that suits you, for many years to come. One of the great bonuses of new windows is their excellence in technology-driven engineering and manufacturing, with energy-friendly, soundproofing, and insulated options. A great way to kick off this major undertaking (yes, learning how to choose windows and going through the steps is a detailed process), is to nail down your own personality. New windows are vividly different and almost have individual personalities themselves as you will learn before making your choices and adding these personalities to your home is a fun and creative way to express yourself and your vision! Window replacement Halton Hills is the best first step forward for obtaining all the in-depth information that you will need to formulate a great plan and stay within a set budget.

Window Styles

When homeowners are thinking about purchasing new windows for their home, cottage or business offices, being informed of all the styles and choices available prior to making decisions is of paramount importance. There are numerous ‘add-ons’ with glass glazing, pane layering, framing materials, insulation additions and accessories and extra hardware opportunities that not only increase the performance of the new windows but adds even more energy efficiency and eye-appealing ‘punch’. Our service to our customers extends to custom made windows, where homeowners can get very creative and have a lot of fun with designing their own ‘unique to you’ style, adding even more value to any home! Our customers can make their new windows the focal point of their home, from either the exterior/street view or as part of an interior décor personal statement. There are a variety of casing & grill options and additional accessories that you can add to further enhance your designs to make them exclusive to you and your home!

Windows Options

Basically, there are two types of windows that homeowners can consider, windows that open & close and windows that are fixed into place with no options to open or close. Fixed picture windows & fixed casement windows do not have an open/close function, there are some that have one fixed pane and one operational pane like single slider windows & single hung windows, some with two working panes such as double slider windows, double hung windows & end vent slider windows and some that are fully operational like casement windows and awning windows. Now, comes the fun part as you can opt to combine different window types, like having a bay window consisting of fixed panes with casement windows, a bow window with operational windows, or have several operational windows placed together! When it comes to window replacement Halton Hills, your only limited to your imagination and design ideas!

Windows Performance

The performance ratings help to decipher what windows would work best for you in your given climate, and dictate energy efficiency, thermal performance, sound blocking enhancements, insulating factors and more. The glass in the windows can provide thermal capabilities, insulation through spacing between panes, energy efficiency and sound blocking features. The space between panes can be filled with inert gas to add insulating factors, and the glass can be glazed in multiple layers for higher performance ratings. ENERGY STAR® certification (the most energy efficient windows product) can provide up to approximately 40% in energy savings, which is well worth any homeowners’ initial investment. Our company and friendly staff will assist homeowners in ascertaining the best performing windows for their specific needs, while staying on budget and in style preferences.
Windows Glass Performance

Window After Care & Maintenance

Windows care & maintenance is very easy and only takes a few minutes of your time when done at the turn of each season. Gentle soaps, warm water, soft rags and gentle glass cleaner are all you need to prep your windows for an oncoming season. The rule of thumb and a good habit to get into is…rinse, rinse and rinse so more! Quite often, homeowners wash their windows and framing with soaps and do not rinse well enough, which can have adverse effects. Rinsing the residue of any soaps very well will ensure that there is no residue to damage any parts of your windows. Never use any harsh chemicals, scratchy cloths or sponges and do not use acidic solutions like vinegar.