Door Tips

Your home has many doors…but the very first one that everyone sees when coming and going, is your entrance door. This specific door is the first impression your home gives to anyone who sees it, and other doors, like your patio doors, are passage ways to important areas of your home. Some doors slide open & shut and some doors open & shut on hinges, but there is one thing they all have in common…they were chosen by you and reflect your personal style. At times, doors need some attention or replacing, and it is always good to know some basic facts about your doors, the materials they are made from, how they were manufactured to perform, the hardware they use, how to make doors more energy efficient and different ways to protect them to extend their life span. We have below some solid information and door tips, as our company wants our customers to be as well informed as possible.

Know Your Materials

There are several types of materials that are used when doors are made at the factory, but each one has specifications that ‘opens-up’ how they are supposed to function, when and where they are best suited for and overall cost effectiveness. Wood, aluminium, PVC/vinyl, composite, steel and fibreglass are the main materials used for all doors. The most popular materials for entrance doors is wood, vinyl & steel (fibreglass is favored for its imitation looking & feeling wood grain – less expensive option to real wood) as all three are durable, come in a great smorgasbord of styles & colours, are more energy efficient with proactive measures like weather stripping, and are great launching points for sidelites & transoms additions. Aluminium is the main material used for patio doors and some storm doors.

Your Own Style

Nowadays, if you do not see a specific type of door in stock, you can have your door custom made. Custom made doors is basically creating the ideal door that would work best for your home, function precisely how you need it to, and focusing on the material, design and colour. With every aspect of doors, there are some materials that require more attention on a regular basis than others. Wood requires the most maintenance, while PVC is super low maintenance. Each material has its pros and cons and usually stems from the elements of weather and wear & tear over time. To protect the primary doors of your home, you can opt to have storm doors, which acts like a shield for your primary exterior doors.