Single Hung Windows


Your Personal Style

Single hung windows are a hugely popular choice with developers, builders, homeowners, interior designers & architects because single hung windows sit flush to the surface of any structure (interior & exterior), they are affordable without giving up quality and they are very eye appealing in engineering & design. Single hung windows do not take anything away from other predominate features within or outside of a home, rather, they are more geared with a designer-friendly subtlety. Trendy and known for being super-functional, your personal style and customized touches will make single hung windows the perfect purchase! There are even more choice & options with single hung windows, for example, the exterior colour can be finished off with a vinyl finish, while the interior could have a natural wood finish to meet décor expectations. There are great framing materials now available and designer colours to choose from! Whether a perfect fit or customized single hung windows, there is a solution that fits all lifestyles and budgets!

Single Hung Windows Style

There is a wide range of fittings and accessories to further add personal touches to these fantastic single hung windows, which provides even more opportunity to be creative, and their affordability just adds to their attractiveness! The single hung window is incredibly versatile for the fact that the sash can be opened for minimal ventilation, or, opened all the way to maximize ventilation (or, somewhere in-between). The other desireable benefits to choosing single hung windows is their ability to open and tilt inwards partially, which is superbly idealistic for simplified cleaning (great for people who prefer not to get up on a ladder to clean the exterior window panes, or, handle a pressure washer!). The exterior screens also play a big part in the efficiency of single hung windows for their effectiveness against insects, dust and debris collection, acting like filters for when windows are open.

Single Hung Windows Performance

Every detail of single hung windows has been overseen and assured for quality of the highest standard, including their multi-chamber construction to ensure structural integrity for durability. Single hung windows are also window-covering friendly, with its flush presence to any wall, the unforeseen issues that arise with other types of windows is non-existent with these ones! Attractive, functional and energy efficient, single hung windows are truly the way to go to ensure the best and long-lasting quality. Longer life and outstanding performance, this is how single hung windows can be described for their higher-quality and are sealed with the latest technology (fusion technology), that does away with escaping air flow and any leaking due to weather related moisture or internal condensation. The glass used with single hung windows is high-end, quality glass with the best keepers and cam locks available. The glass used can also be ‘tweaked’ with textures, tinting and other fun effects to provide those personal touches.

Single Hung Windows Sound Insulation

There are windows on the market that are made specifically for meeting a STC rating (blocking sound), but when shopping for windows, its all about style & functionality. Some sound blocking windows are not as functional like the single hung windows. Glass styles are just as diverse with single hung windows, from decorative glass, or plain glass or even textured glass, with a double or single glazing, as the glazing is what dictates the transmission of heat and sound. Through higher quality materials used to manufacture these types of windows and their unique assembly, a better sound barrier exists for the transmission of sound.

Single Hung Windows Energy Efficiency

Single hung windows possess features like Intercept warm edge spacers & stainless-steel coil spring balance system that provides superior degrees of ventilation. Proper water drainage has been addressed with single hung windows with their sloped sill. High standards, high performance and fully functional, single hung windows have additional energy saving features such as Argon gas filling between window panes of glass. The framing material such as low maintenance vinyl, adds even more energy efficiency against leaks, drafts and adds strength & durability. With the latest trends in window designs comes higher energy efficiency and this does hold true to the proven track record of single hung windows. Through its innovation and engineering of multi-chamber construction, single hung windows and its sash are designed to reduce energy costs by properly blocking out drafts, moisture and execute better thermal performance through its tight-fitting seals.
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