Double Slider Windows


Your Personal Style

Pleasing sight lines, trending styles, low maintenance, added security, ease of operation, high energy efficiency and convenience... these are just some of the highlights when considering purchasing double slider windows. Out of many window types and styles, the double slider windows are the best functioning and offer versatility with altering configurations with other types of windows like picture windows. Dramatic splashes of designer colour choices & framing material selections also add to the creative aspect of double slider windows! Home or office, these windows are sure to compliment any area for their clean and contemporary design and ease of operation. Engineered for all types of homes, even senior citizens find sliding the double slider windows open and closed is a ‘breeze’. For consumers that do not want to have the hassle of cleaning windows from outside can now just tilt-in the double slider windows with ease for exterior and interior cleaning! Do you want your double slider windows to be a feature piece of your home? With textured & decorative glass options, the creativity opportunities for consumers is super fun and makes a statement!

Double Slider Windows Style

A modern twist on a classic type of window, the double slider windows is a huge leap in innovation from traditional, horizontal sliding and gliding windows. On double slider windows, there are two sashes that move sideways (sliding shoes), with the ability and functionality of opening one or both sashes at once, which lends to better control via the pivot bar for increased ventilation. The hidden screen track provides a sleek appearance for appealing aesthetics. But, it is the tilt-in feature that really makes double slider windows hugely popular! The tilt-in feature allows for exceptionally easy cleaning with exterior panes and allows for maximum unobstructed egress, which can be used as an emergency exit if the need should arise (talk about windows having multiple purposes!). The caliper brake system is in place to securely lock in the sash when tilted inward, adding extra safety precautions for families that have young children and pet concerns.

Double Slider Windows Performance

Some of the factors that makes double slider windows so functional and performance packed are heavy-duty extrusions that execute maximum welding strength, fusion welded sashes & mainframe adding even more strength and rigidity, nylon-encased dual brass roller system ensures effortless sliding of the sashes and multi-chamber internal extrusions that develop insulating air spaces for even higher energy efficiency. Double-barrier weather stripping adds even another layer of protection from drafts and moisture infiltration. Other features of the double slider windows are their full length pull rail, heavy-duty cam locks for security and recessed tilt latches. State of the art and high performing, these windows are a huge leap forward from the old, traditional types of sliding & gliding windows!

Double Slider Windows Sound Insulation

Many people are more interested with windows that help to break the sound pollution from outside, and any window, like double slider windows that have an exceptional & tightly fitting seal, are the best bet. New technologies with the engineering of these windows has factored in the transmission of sound, from the ranging layers of glazed glass to the framing material used. Snug is soundproofing, so when you are considering new windows, remember that double slider windows can be custom made to increase its performance for blocking sounds. Certain framing materials like vinyl also aid in the sound proofing process, and vinyl is a popular choice for its long life and low maintenance care.

Double Slider Windows Energy Efficiency

Part of energy efficiency begins with a windows ability to drain and re-channel water effectively away from the window and its framing, and the double slider windows possess this cutting-edge technology (dual weeping system). Multiple air chambers within double slider windows also is a major factor into energy savings for providing superior thermal efficiency and additional insultation. Because double slider windows can be used in conjunction with other types of windows, certain configurations can add even more energy efficiency! Picture windows are quite often used with double slider windows for their fixed & tightly sealed position that still offers plenty of natural light and increasing the light-flow into any room, with the double slider windows working to let in the fresh air and let in more light-flow.
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