Window Tips

The windows in your home are a big part of your total investment, and should work hard for you without compromise. The following window tips are to help you gauge your windows performance, how to spot issues and when its time to think about window replacement of older windows.

Glass Giveaways

No matter what type of windows you have (casement, single or double slider, single or double hung, bay, awning bow, fixed picture or fixed casement or customized), there are always tell-tale signs the glass in your panes may be experiencing the onset of aging, damage or disfunction. If you notice moisture on the interior of the glass pane or in-between panes, that is a sure sign of humidity issues. If you have noticed your curtains are ‘dancing’ on windy days, your glass panes may have lost their tight seals. As some glass panes are tinted, glazed in layers and more, the efficiency of your glass panes can wear over time. Window tips for glass panes: check your windows at the beginning of each season to ensure there are no issues that are visible, or have one of our friendly window specialists come to your home and check them for you.

Framing Faux Pas

The framing material that is currently employed by your windows may be showing signs of aging or deteriorating. Wood frames tend to take the brunt of outdoor weather conditions the worse, which will show signs of rot, peeling paint and warping. Aluminum frames have shorter life spans because they conduct heat and create condensation & frost with changes in temperature. Fibreglass frames require regular painting and tend to be on the pricy side. Composite frames have the desired ‘wood’ look, great for the outside, but look a bit ‘cheesy’ against interior décor. The top contender and most cost effective is vinyl with only one downside, the vinyl is a PVC which is not landfill-friendly, but the upside is, vinyl framing lasts 50 + years and have almost no maintenance with the occasional cleaning. Window tips for framing: check the interior and exterior of your window frames at the beginning of each season to ensure their integrity and surface is not damaged, misshapen or deteriorating.

Climate Control

Windows of today are manufactured with a ENERGY STAR® certification, being the most energy efficient windows product, and can provide up to approximately 40% in energy savings! Most window types that are new are coated with low emissivity coatings (low-e glass) and insulated sashes & frames, which enhances energy savings, making a room more comfortable and less chances of condensation appearing on the glass (typical in winter months). There are labels & certifications on windows to specifically show which of the three Canadian climate zones the windows are designed and manufactured for, which even furthers our commitment to our customers to make sure the ‘climate-friendly’ windows you are choosing, fits your personal weather-dictating environment. Window tip for climate control: choose windows that are in line with your region and its unique weather environment.

Double Slider Windows

Commonly used in both bathrooms and kitchens for their thermal efficiency and insulation factor, double slider windows advocates for positive air flow. The sash on a double slider window glides horizontally effortlessly, which comes in handy when it is time to clean the windows exterior and interior glass. Condensation build up that can arise in moist environments like baths & kitchens need the positive air flow to filter it properly, and these windows provide just that.

Zero to Zen

Old windows can easily cause drafts (sometimes causing homeowners to go a bit crazy with trying to locate the drafts source), and this can really change the mood of any room. When you have gone to the trouble of designing the interior of your home to be Zen-like, but your windows are causing havoc with the atmosphere, its time to complete the Zen-zone. Your new windows are not only installed properly by our window specialists with the correct air-tight seal, they are also inspected for performance to ensure you are getting closer to the Zen state. Window tips for drafty windows: replacing your windows will give you the soundproofing, insulation and draft-less Zen environment that you are trying to achieve.

Style Switch

When your current windows are performing well, but they feel hum-drum, you do not have to replace them with new ones, you can simply execute a ‘window facelift’. Performing a ‘style switch’ is easy and cost-effective, by a simple paint job on the framing and casings. Window tip for style switching: you can talk with our window specialists for ideas on possibly changing the framing material, introducing new glass panes with grilles, or add windows to either side of your existing one for extra ‘pow’!