Fixed Casement Windows


Your Personal Style

As everyone knows, any type of fixed window is the highest form of energy efficiency, without depriving the need for lots of natural light. When you combine a popular type of window and make it a fixed presence in your home, cottage or office, it is a win-win investment! This is what makes fixed casement windows so desireable by builders and homeowners. Casement windows use cutting edge technologies and strikingly beautiful features that highly compliment any structure. Normally, casement windows have a hand crank that is used to open the window panes outwards, providing maximum fresh air exchange, but when they are fixed, they no longer open at all, rather, they are a gorgeous focal point of the home or office, but provide outstanding energy savings. Your personal style can be addressed with fixed casement windows with a huge scope of choices, designer colour variations, rich framing materials options and various glass pane selections.

Fixed Casement Windows Style

There is a huge number of benefits to having fixed casement windows in your home or office, beginning with the modernity and architectural-complimenting styles that are available. With endless possibilities, you can combine your fixed casement windows with other types of fixed windows (like picture windows), or, with functioning casement windows that do open & close, to develop your own personal statement. Combine these windows with larger bow or bay windows really do pack that ‘wow’ factor, or, incorporate them with the unique single & double hung windows for better functionality. Other considerations would be to couple fixed casement windows with single & double slider windows for a modern twist that enhances traditional styles of useable windows. The variety of choices allows you to really meet your budget, without giving up richly finished windows that compliment interior designs and exterior curb and street side appeal.

Fixed Casement Windows Performance

Whereas casement windows have operational functions that would be discussed here to outline its performance factors, fixed casement windows also provide a big perk with performance…its heightened execution of security and safety factors. Having a fixed position without movable parts and functions, fixed casement windows are an outstanding source of security, without giving up the façade appeal and interior designs. Again, without any opening options, there is a huge safety factor that makes these windows appealing for people with pets that like to try to escape via pushing out window screens, or for families with small children that have a curious nature. The benefits to purchasing fixed casement windows is also a big security & safety factor for buildings with liability like business offices and ‘getaway’ cottages that sit vacant throughout the winter months.

Fixed Casement Windows Sound Insulation

Casement windows are known for their additional and ideal insulating factors through their innovative engineering, but fixed casement windows offer so much more for the transmission of sound. As casement windows are operational but are manufactured to sit tightly when closed & sealed tight, they have a higher sound blocking rating. With fixed casement windows, its stationary position does provide a better sound barrier to outside noises, making the transmission of sound subtle. When choosing glass styles, they are just as diverse as window choices, from decorative glass, or plain glass or even textured glass, with a double or single glazing (the glazing is what dictates the transmission of heat and sound). Adding glazing layers to fixed casement windows is an option, just like having fixed casement windows custom made, is another creative and personal taste option!

Fixed Casement Windows Energy Efficiency

The structural integrity of casement windows and the high-tech advances in engineering casement windows makes them stand alone with energy efficiency, but when they are designed to be fixed casement windows, their energy-effectiveness is unsurpassed for higher ratings! There are more insulating factors with casement windows by use of high-end and quality materials used, and this lends to the energy performance standards that fixed casement windows provides. Certain framing materials like vinyl adds a lower maintenance factor and longer life to your windows. The energy savings that homeowners put back in their pockets each year with fixed casement windows, is just one of the reasons that these windows are a wise investment, to the much large investment of your home.
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