End Vent Slider Windows


Your Personal Style

The best of both worlds…is the best way to describe & capture the functional essence of end vent slider windows! With a fixed mid-section window and two functional windows on either side, end vent slider windows covers’ all the bases. Your personal style may lean towards having more width to windows to pull in as much natural light as possible, or, you may want to incorporate that aspect with energy savings and still have plenty of ventilation, which end vent slider windows beautifully provides! The stylish and sophisticated look of end vent slider windows is why these types of windows are a hugely popular choice for builders, interior designers and homeowners. Their functionality, appealing aesthetic and energy efficiency really adds up to a reliable window choice! Think desireable "open concept design" for windows... lots of natural light, wider & unobstructed views, and yet functional for excellent air ventilation.

End Vent Slider Windows Style

End vent slider windows are cost effective (another big perk) and provide ‘more window’ for less money, but still nailing the look of attractive casement windows and double slider windows. The fixed middle pane is hugged on each side by a sliding & inward-tilting panes. Gone are the days of having to clean exterior glass panes from outside, the tilt-in feature allows each end pane to ‘swing’ inwards for highly convenient cleaning and air flow control! Only the highest quality hardware is used during the manufacturing processes to further extend the longevity of end vent slider windows. There are various models of end vent slider windows to choose from, which is great news... the creative ‘interior designer’ side or builder side of you can have lots of fun mixing & matching styles, colours and framing materials.

End Vent Slider Windows Performance

When coupled with executive-white vinyl framing, end vent slider windows become much more home or office friendly, with clean & smooth lines that are very eye-appealing. It is through the fusion welded framing & sashes that are snugly fastened together permanently, (which does away with unsightly nails or staples), for a gorgeous, polished look. The performance factors of end vent slider windows are unsurpassed for their multi-purpose design, excellence in maximizing usage of space and very practical with simplistic operation. For families with pets or children, the end vent slider windows do offer peace of mind with safety issues, as the large, middle window is not operable and the smaller side panes add to the security & safety factor. Seniors enjoy the ease of the sliding motion of these windows, with any hampering health issues, sliding one or both panes open or closed is easy, comfortable and safe.

End Vent Slider Windows Sound Insulation

The best windows that block the most noise pollution are naturally fixed windows that do not open like picture windows, and it is this one feature that makes end vent windows so appealing. With its fixed middle window and two end-opening sliding panes, consumer’s can close & lock down the sliding panes to increase a tighter seal and block out more sounds from the outside. Glazing layers and glass panes intensify the blocking with transmission of sound, so this is where "more is better" comes into play. All window styles and types are diverse and modern windows have just as much personality potential as the person picking them out and purchasing them.

End Vent Slider Windows Energy Efficiency

These uniquely engineered windows possess a warm-edge spacer system that works hard to lower energy loss via the glass through the lift-out control on sashes. The fixed sash is directly glazed to ensure structural integrity & tight sealing. Incorporated pre-drilled integral nailing fins & J-channels enhance the installation process and act like strong brick molds for simplified future maintenance. End vent slider windows has similar glass glazing as one may find in a vehicle, which provides that very tight seal, with high-grade fibre glass mesh to make operation of these windows effortless. Adding even more energy efficiency are the pocket sills which work to add additional security measures and an enhancement against the elements like wind and moisture. There are a few different types of framing materials that accompany the installment of end vent slider windows, which again, increases the energy savings factor and rating (vinyl is an excellent choice for its long life and low maintenance standard).
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