Patio Enclosure Tips

Our company firmly believes that the more knowledge our customers are armed with, the easier it is for them to make sound decisions about enclosing their patios. Below, we have outlined some basic information and some helpful advice.

How Will It Be Used?

As there are a multitude of options for you to consider when choosing which way to go with your new patio enclosure (why we are listing out patio enclosure tips for you here) …but the first question you should ask is, how would you use the newly enclosed space of your patio? Will you want to use it all year long (four season patio enclosure), three seasons of the year or just as a screened-in area to keep bugs away from your patio enjoyment throughout the warmer months? Making this decision first will help you greatly narrow down all of the other decisions you will be required to make (and it will effect your budget…the more you want, the more the cost rises).

The Best Materials

You have a few choices when it comes to materials used for patio enclosures, so here are the top contenders that you can expect to see:

Steel is strong, pleasing to the eyes, is a higher quality material, is versatile for various sized constructions, but it has a low insulation factor and requires reinforced steel & anti-rust treatments (it is parallel in cost to wood). Steel, when properly cared for, can last for many years.
Vinyl is a top choice for many homeowners for its durability, maintenance-free appeal, resistant to mold, offering a wealth of colour palettes & wood-look or metal-look manufacturing, and is easier to install. The most cost-effective choice is vinyl/PVC for its versatility and made in various shapes, offering a smaller colour palette, is easily accessible and is a decent insulator (vinyl/PVC lasts for many years).
Wood is the more expensive choice, but it is a natural material, it has a warm appearance, it is versatile for all sized constructions, it is an superb insulator of noise & heat (there are now rot-proof and exotic natural woods available), but it requires treatment (painting or staining) and regular maintenance.
Aluminium is a great choice for its lower costs, its high rigidity, almost maintenance free, a larger variety of colours & sizes, it is lightweight, but it is a conductor which will require a thermal break in the aluminium framing. Our alumawood option is a type of aluminium that is manufactured to have the appealing look of authentic wood, which is a great option for those homeowners that appreciate the look of natural wood.
There are a couple of different types of glass with patio enclosure materials that our company manufactures, there is single glass pane (great for use during three of the Canadian seasons) and double glass pane (which is thermal-friendly and energy efficient throughout all four Canadian seasons). We offer our customers optional choices like tinting the glass, low-e glazing and interchangeable glass for screens.
Our screening material is highly durable aluminium mesh that is painted black, to deflect some of the harmful UV rays that come through with natural sunlight. Our screens are perfectly manufactured for keeping insects out, using our high-grade screening that is made to be durable against the weather elements, and strong for longer life (our screen/mesh panels resist corrosion and sagging).

DIY or Professional?

Many patio enclosures tips that our team of specialists can assist you with will all stem from knowing whether you are a do-it-yourself type homeowner, or, if you would prefer a professional installation. Our patio enclosures can be ordered as a kit for DIY, so the opportunity is there (along with simplistic instructions and everything you will need to have) to take on this project yourself.