Just like the people who purchase them, doors have plenty of personality and diversity! When you find that you are in the market for new doors, then you can see this as an opportunity to be inspired to create a new design style for your home (which is one of the main focal points from both the street and the interior of your home). The choices before you for new doors are numerous, from ranging performance factors to materials and colour varieties to accessories (hardware & decoration options), to incorporating custom extras like glass patterns, side windows and frame & trim style touches. Your home requires many different types of doors that perform different functions like entrance doors, patio doors and storm doors, and that come in a wide range of styles, and talking with our team of door specialist, will arm you with the most up-to-date information to make sound decisions.

Functional Features

New doors have innovative technologies when it comes to performance factors, and our team knows that extending the longevity and aesthetic appeal of your doors, is just the first correct step to your new doors investment. You will want your new doors to have an ideal R-Value if for the exterior and/or entrance to your home, to efficiently block drafts and leaks. The frame you choose works together with your doors to provide rot resistance, and to further keep out drafts, moisture and some framing materials like aluminium, add finishes that resists fading. Weathertight seal technologies of today, provides you with energy efficiency that helps in energy savings!

Manufacturing Materials

Entrance doors are typically either made from fibreglass or steel, and this is for a very good reason. Steel doors are trending today for their strong & durable quality and their smooth surface provides an even-colour result when painted. You also have the excellence found with fibreglass entrance doors, with grains (oak-grain, rustic-grain, mahogany-grain & hemlock-grain) that ‘open-up’ the look of a wooden door, that is warm, rich and inviting. Fibreglass is also rust-resistant, will not corrode and is resistant to easily denting. There are also choices like wood doors, PVC/vinyl doors, composite doors and glass doors (which are typically used for patios).

Doors Diversity

This is where your ‘inner designer’ comes into play, with plenty of desireable finishes at your fingertips, its no wonder why our customers love this aspect of creating the perfect doors for their home! Our prefinished stains and all prefinished paints provide you with a designer and trending colour collection that will delight you and compliment your home! We are here to help you find that perfect colour, stain or shade, that will last beautifully for years to come!

Harmonious Hardware

The hardware or ‘furniture’ that usually accompanies doors are items like handles, hinges, door stops, knob sets, deadbolts, levers and other pieces that do have a harmonious working with the actual door components. Besides the ranging hardware pieces that are always super-fun to mull over (our company carries a very large selection of hardware), there are the various mechanisms that dictate how a door moves. Many doors are hinged on one side to open in one direction.

Finest Frame & Trim

You will want to take under consideration the interior frame options like wood as it is not exposed to the outdoor elements, and the exterior of your home, which should be a low-maintenance aluminium or wood. The trim you choose will also be an interior & exterior decision (interior wood styles can be prefinished or unfinished) and exterior trim can be aluminium with custom & standard styles, also prefinished paint options. You have even more options with the exterior trim materials like wood (custom & standard styles of pine and mahogany) and PVC composite, with there are more styles to choose from, provide resistance to moisture and are factory-primed for you, ready to be painted.

Designer Decorative & Glass

When it comes to adding a beautiful ‘pop’ to the architecture of your home by way of decorative options or by glass, you will be very pleased with your opportunities in this area of exciting options! There are different types of glass options, like statement glass, select glass, value glass and obscure glass, which can utilize caming (metal framework that holds the decorative glass in place and can be matched with the hardware used on the door itself). Custom designs that you create with our team of doors specialists will give you precisely what you want! Other decorative elements include grilles of varying styles and positioning within glass features, blinds that are between the glass, clavos/hinge straps and interesting sill finishes to coordinate with hinges/hardware or to fuse with flooring.

Sensible Sidelights & Transoms

Our quality selection of sidelights and transoms is our way of helping you collect as much natural outdoor light as possible, while adding character and charm to your new doors! Our sidelights come in a gorgeous collection of combinations, and some can even incorporate transoms above the door and sidelights! The best part about adding the ability to capture more natural light is, the options available in our transoms (decorative glass, grilles, low-e or obscure glass).