Window Replacement York Region


Window Installation

The phrase ‘window replacement’ may make you excited at the prospect of replacing old, non-functioning windows, or, it may make you cringe and the thoughts of the work and costs involved, but either way, it is a process that we will help you get through with information, supply, installation and keep you on track with your set budget. Window replacement York Region is simplified once you have good information in your hands and can make strong decisions. Besides decisions that you will make on style of windows, ratings performance, and framing, you will be all set to also have some fun (yes, choosing new windows has plenty of perks!).

Window Styles

Pushing all the intricate details aside that comes with making decisions on stock windows or custom-made windows, you can now breathe easy and choose additional options that will kick up the performance of your window replacement York Region, choose from a wealth of colour options and decide if you want to change the actual area in your home to accommodate more windows for a wider scope of glass panes! It is now possible to change the standard hum drum single window dilemma to a more trending style of a collection of windows! Big bay windows and bow windows do not have to be a small collection of fixed windows, you can have the centre panes fixed (non-operational) and combine that with working windows for fresh air, or build the entire bay/bow window out of operational windows (casement windows work especially well in these scenarios for their sleek designs, functionality and eye-catching appeal). You can even opt to downsize your old window(s) to fixed windows like picture windows, for just natural light and no opening/closing functions…the possibilities are numerous!

Windows Options

There are quite a few window styles, but only two ways to use them in opening & closing…a hand crank or sliding either vertically or horizontally. If the hand crank is appealing to you for a tighter seal and added security, then you have choices of windows like casement windows and awning windows. Sliding windows that move up and down can be found with single hung windows and double hung windows. Windows that slide from side to side horizontally are found with single slider windows, double slider windows and end vent slider windows. Newer windows now are manufactured to provide you with more glass and less edging, which is very eye-pleasing. Once you have chosen your preferred type of window, then framing materials will be your next decision. Framing for windows comes in different materials like vinyl, wood, aluminium, fibreglass and composite. Vinyl is usually a big winner over the rest for its low maintenance, long life and cost effectiveness, especially outdoors where the weather is a factor.

Windows Performance

Every single window that is manufactured comes with various ratings, which basically means that the window tells a ‘story’ about its energy efficiency, how many coatings of low-e are applied, how many layers of glazing, if and how much heat resistance and absorption it possesses, if it has any sound blocking and how much light penetrates through the glass. The ratings on a window also stem from how many panes of glass there is, double or triple pane and whether or not there is an insulating inert gas or spacer present between the panes. As there is three different climate zones in Canada, the ratings also ‘reflect’ which zone a particular window is made for (our windows specialists will help you with sorting out these ratings to ensure you are getting what you need for your specific climate).
Windows Glass Performance

Window After Care & Maintenance

You can probably guess by now that window replacement York Region is looking easier and easier and is within your personal budget. Caring for your new windows is also simplified and easy to execute…about four times a year or, at the turn of each season. The newer windows of today have an unbeatable feature…they open-up in such a way so that you can reach the exterior glass pane from inside your home! This makes cleaning the windows a ‘breeze’! A little mild soap, warm water and a soft cloth are all you need to clean the window frames, the hardware (moveable parts) and even the glass if you do not want to use a gentle glass cleaner.