Window Replacement Waterloo


Window Installation

Typically, there are usually two distinct reasons that homeowners investigate and move forward with window replacement, which is usually executed through necessity because old windows are no longer performing, or, through the desire to upgrade to more modern, energy efficient windows. When window replacement Waterloo is more of a necessity, our company will work closely with homeowners to try to formulate a solid budget, which is a great start (we work hard to help our customers stay within their ‘comfort zone’ financially), and the following information will assist with making informed decisions. Our company will also walk our customers through the installation process, to ensure each window is installed correctly and functions at peak performance.

Window Styles

Whether for the office, home or cottage, there are window styles to suit many personal tastes, for a variety of internal and external environments (not to mention choosing the right windows to follow through on homeowners’ designs). Choosing new windows can be more fun than you think, with designer colour palettes, various window combinations and little extras to pump up the performance of your new windows, window replacement can really express your personal style! The aesthetic look of your new windows can be ‘tweaked’ for even more eye-appeal (custom trim, grills, tinted glass for privacy and much more!). Once you have made the decision for window replacement Waterloo, there are three facts you can use as a beginning guideline… the window style that appeals most to you, the type of installation you will require for your new windows, and any additional customizations or features that you may want to opt in for, to further enhance your investment! Each new window will provide a certain degree of performance, so narrowing down those choices will also benefit the personal selections made.

Windows Options

There are a variety of windows options that you have to choose from, from fixed windows (non-functional) to working windows that open and close, to a combination of both (we offer our customers mix n’ match options!). There are two types of operational-styled windows, crank windows (superior in energy efficiency for their compression seals) and sliding windows (still energy efficient, but with traditional weather stripping for sealing). Other considerations with window replacement Waterloo is how your new windows will be installed, will it be a full-frame installation or a retrofit installation? A full-frame installation means the whole frame is torn out (right down to the studs surrounding it) and the old window is removed completely. A retrofit installation means the existing frames are useable and the new window can be inserted into the existing opening (the jambs are left untouched in this scenario). Casement windows are a big favourite of builders for their versatility and aesthetic appeal, while fixed windows (like picture windows) are more energy efficient for its lack of an open/close feature.

Windows Performance

Each new window has an energy rating (referred to as ER), that dictates which of the three climate zones in Canada they are ‘zoned’ for. There are triple paned windows that have a higher energy rating and cover more areas in Canada, and there are double paned windows with a lower energy rating but will still ‘do the trick’ in some Canadian climates. There are additional optional features that homeowners can incorporate with double paned windows to maximize their performance (low-e coatings, spacer, gas fills, security glass and engineered thermal insulation). Customized windows and stock/standard windows also come with these options, so that our customers do not miss out on any type of upgrade that would better suit their needs and the functionality of their new windows.
Windows Glass Performance

Window After Care & Maintenance

Our team of window experts will also walk our customers through the process of how to maintain all new windows and the after care of them once they are installed. Some upfront tips would be to use only gentle soaps and warm water, only designated glass cleaner for cleaning the internal & external glass and cleansing of the inside frame and exterior frame can be done prior to each season to ensure a debris-free peak performance. Windows that have hardware and working/movable parts should also be cleaned with a gentle soap and rinsed well, then lubricated (our specialists will offer lubrication products specifically for your new windows).