Window Replacement Newcastle


Window Installation

Homeowners sometimes find that replacing windows is a little daunting, from the wide selection of styles and varying functions, to the installation process of full-frame installation or a retrofit installation. Whatever the reason is that you want to replace your current windows (sometimes its just a matter of cosmetic upgrades or energy efficiency boosts), you will be in good hands with our company and team of window experts. Nowadays, windows are innovative with strategic technologies that give you way more quality for your investment and help you save money throughout the life of the windows, for their energy efficiency and insulating factors. There is some fun stuff ahead while you make decisions about your window replacement, like choosing designer colours, framing materials for both indoor and outdoor, and assembling a whole new look if you wish to change it up a bit with the curb appeal of your windows. You have come to the decision to move forward with window replacement Newcastle, but you may not be sure how to proceed, and this is where our helpful window specialists step in and guide you through this semi-challenging process!

Window Styles

There are plenty of window styles for homeowners to pick from, but along with the window styles, comes other decisions like what type of framing materials should be used (wood, fibreglass, composite, aluminium and vinyl) and what type of installation will it be (a retrofit installation is replacing an old window with the exact sized window that will use the same frame or a full-frame installation is when both window and frame are removed, which opens-up options for new window collection design). Window replacement Newcastle offers the choice of custom made windows that meet our customers precise needs or homeowners can optionally investigate our already manufactured stock windows. Colours, textures and designer-dripping collections are other basic decisions that are made to further create your individual window requirements. Hardware and other ‘bells & whistles’ accessories are just like the icing on the cake!

Windows Options

The options available with windows of today come in a wide range of functional and non-functional operations. The most trending window right now is casement windows for their durability, versatility, sleek lines with larger glass areas, their hand crank function for tighter seals and their accessible exterior glass panes from within the homes interior. Also using a hand crank function is awning windows (cranking the glass pane out just like an awning), which are superior for deflecting rain, while still allowing fresh air to enter a room. Bay windows and bow windows are great for larger sightlines, but now you have even more choices, you can implement operational windows like casement windows, to design a fixed and working windows collection. Sliding windows come in different styles and operate vertically (single & double hung windows) and some horizontally (end vent slider windows and single & double slider windows). Fixed windows like picture windows and fixed casement windows are ideal if you just want to allow lots of natural light into a room, without worry of air ventilation.

Windows Performance

Windows cover a variety of conditions that serve both the inside and outside of your home. The various ratings cover ENERGY STAR® certification (energy efficiency), STC rating (sound transmission class), R-value (ability to retain heat), air leakage (measurement of the susceptibility to heat loss and gain), SHGC (solar heat gain coefficient), VT (visible transmittance/amount of light that can penetrate through a window), U-factor or U-value (resistance to heat loss), and low-e coatings (significantly reduce heat loss and prevent harmful UV rays). Because of the three different climate zones in Canada, certain ratings must coincide with your specific climate zone. The performance ratings on windows are in place so that our customers are fully aware of the maximum performance that each window will execute.
Windows Glass Performance

Window After Care & Maintenance

Taking care and executing very little maintenance on your new windows is easy, with just a bit of warm water, mild soap and a soft cloth, cleaning the window trim, sills, hardware and frames can be done quickly. Glass cleaner is great for the glass panes and removing the screens for easy cleaning can also be done with just some mild soap and warm water, ensuring to rinse everything well so there is no soap residue left behind.