Patio Enclosure Benefits

Enclosure Equals Extension

It is never a bad time to extend & enclose the useable space that is situated outside of your home, and our company knows just how much our Canadian customers love their patio spaces all year long! Some of the patio enclosure benefits that you will enjoy will be the options available to you, to maintain that ‘open concept’ feel of your patio (lots of natural light & airy breezes), by having a three or four-season patio enclosure. Made from glass panels (solariums have glass roofs too!), you can keep all that you enjoy from your current patio, but be shielded from the weather elements. If you want just a simplistic enclosure for your patio, you can consider patio covers or a patio enclosure that employs just screens (with optional screen-glass interchange for a quick three season patio enclosure!). If you love to entertain on your patio, why not consider the patio enclosure benefits that come with frameless enclosures that provides unobstructed views? There are countless opportunities and benefits that are derived from enclosing your patio (an extension of the interior of your home), but still having easy access to your backyard.

Enclosure Styles

A patio that is made into a multi-usable space that includes sunbathing, shade from the sun, etc., then solarium-styled patio enclosures (some have glass or plastic overhangs/roof) may be ‘just right’ for your home. A sunroom is often the term used when discussing patio enclosures, which basically translates into a more solid structure with a solid covered roof, rather than just a covered patio. There are, quite literally, countless options when it comes to the different styles of enclosures for your patio, it again depends on your personal preference and how you wish to utilize your enclosed outdoor space. Some enclosures only adapt a frame and screening, some offer full glass, frameless/full glass panes on tracks and there are aluminium or vinyl enclosures. Patio enclosures can be curved (provides increased natural light and expansive views) or have a straight design (provide more versatility and have more ‘contemporary’ sightlines). There are many perks and plus’s when it comes to each of the styles available to you, and our helpful team of enclosure specialists can assist you with in-depth information (to help you stay on budget and to be able to make an informed decision).

Enclosure Materials

The main types of materials used when exploring your options for patio enclosures consist of glass, vinyl, aluminium, steel, wood, screening and sometimes homeowners use the same materials that are matched to the actual house to add on a patio enclosure. The screen patio enclosures of course, are more cost effective than glass patio enclosures, which would be ample if used in the warmer months to ward off annoying insects, but still have plenty of natural light and fresh air flow. Glass patio enclosures can protect you from the weather elements and insects, while adding more value to your home. There are three season glass patio enclosures (single paned glass that is cost effective for the use of spring/summer & fall weather conditions) and four-season glass patio enclosures (all-seasons with double paned glass which offers thermal protection and energy efficiency). Vinyl patio enclosures are a top choice for many homeowners for their durability, maintenance-free appeal, resistant to mold, offers a wealth of colour palettes & wood-look or metal-look manufacturing, and are easier to install. Aluminium patio enclosures are more cost effective than vinyl, is equal in durability and possesses a plainer exterior (alumawood is a type of aluminium that is manufactured to have the appealing look of authentic wood, which is a great option).

Enclosure Extras

Self-install is now easier than you may think, you get ready made wall sections and with simple ‘only one way’ instructions to assemble, taking the guess work out of assembly and installation! If you are handy and love those DIY projects around your home, then you do have the opportunity to go with a kit (pre-assembled) and install your patio enclosures yourself, or, obtain the expertise of a professional installer. Other little patio enclosure benefits you can absorb into your design are optional tempered glass, insulated knee-walls or kick plates, in-swing doors, customized sills, sliding doors to save on space in smaller areas, transoms and sidelites, hardware & security options and much more. You are going to save a noticeable amount of money with your new energy savings through better efficiency against the outdoor elements, when you opt for a new patio enclosure.