Higned Storm Doors

The concept behind hinged storm doors is fairly simple…a storm door that is attached in front of an entrance door, with two or more hinges being mounted onto the door jamb. Simple right? The concept is simple, but when it comes to the type of storm door material, the style of the storm door, the use of the storm door and its shape & colour and hardware like hinges, there is a bit more to it. Our company and our friendly door specialists can help you to determine what type & style of new hinged storm doors, would suit your home the best. Certain hinges work differently and with a massive variety of functions and styles, and this is where our experts can step, provide you with sound advice, while helping you stay on budget. For Canadians, storm doors are widely used as a means of blocking the outdoor elements from the main entrance door (energy efficiency), and as a means of ‘opening-up’ air flow from the outside during good weather months.

Trending & Traditional Styles

There are many types of hinges that are used for all kinds of doors, some of which are used in conjunction with storm doors. The more widely used hinges for exterior storm doors are spring hinges, screen/storm door hinge, 1/8” offset screen/storm door hinge, screen door hinge/spring half surface adjustable & non-adjustable, spring hinge with ball tips and screen door spring hinges full surface non-adjustable & adjustable, just to name a few. Some of these hinges are made from aluminium, solid brass, steel and sometimes a combination of materials. The shapes and finishes of all hinges does sometimes dictate what a homeowner is attracted to for design-like and decorative features.

Quality Material

Typically, hinged storm doors begin with a solid or hollow-core slab of your ideal door material, which after painted, treated or factory finished, s attached to a door jamb with a minimum of two hinges. Storm doors are hinged along one side to allow the storm door to pivot away from the doorway in a single direction, but not the other (the same direction your entrance door opens & closes). Hinges are made from stainless steel and sometimes brass for exterior storm doors, to avoid rusting and other elemental issues. The storm doors themselves also provide a great balance of varieties such as wood, aluminium, PVC, fibreglass and steel. Wood storm door materials is the all-time favorite for homeowners because they can be coated with paint, veneer or stain (to protect it from the elements), is lightweight and wood is versatile with design options. Aluminium storm doors materials have certain advantages over wood, such as they do not need painting, they are corrosion resistant and stands up against outdoor elements well. PVC storm doors materials are now made to be more durable, corrosion resistant, hosts a strong steel frame internally for extra rigidity, they can stand up against the elements beautifully and have a longer lifespan. Fibreglass storm doors are ‘copycat’ looking to wood storm doors, with textured & wood grain appeal, these are ideal for homeowners that want strength, zero maintenance, better resistance to UV ray damage & discolouring and no peeling, cracking, rotting or warping.

Additional Options

Our door specialists are on hand to further assist you with knowledge of your additional options when seeking out new hinged storm doors. There are different types of glass panels, where the glass itself can be altered from standard glass, to glass with energy efficiency features like low-e coatings, decorative styles of glass and even glass tinting to add an element of privacy. Just as with entrance doors, storm doors can have designer features added to the solid panels, or half solid & half glass panels. Customizable options are available to you, should you wish to go all out and create a storm door that is purely of your design. Storm doors come in many different styles that reflect both the wish for ventilation via a full screen panel and a full-glass panel, which are interchangeable. Traditional styled storm doors are made up of half glass & screen features, with a solid bottom (sliding the glass panes up will allow the inner screen to allow fresh air ventilation).