Glass Entrance Doors

When considering glass entrance doors for your home, you should know that there is literally a whole world of options at your fingertips…and this is where our company can step in and assist you, to narrow down your options to a manageable scope and to help you stay on budget. Glass entrance doors are mesmerizingly beautiful and vastly different from each other. Glass that is used in doors can waiver between full-glass and scale down to a much smaller piece of glass strategically placed. It is often the choice of homeowners to have us custom make their glass entrance door; however, you can be reassured there are stock glass entrance doors readily available as options for you too. Glass doors are attractive to many people for their wide berth of glass that allows for expansive views of the outdoors and floods lots of natural light into an entranceway. There are just a few things that you can consider before fully deciding on glass entrance doors…does your neighbourhood allow for a less amount of privacy? Do you have small children that may throw toys at the entrance door or cause damage another way? Do you have issues with security in and around your community? Knowing the pros and cons of glass doors will be a benefit to you while strategizing a design.

Trending & Traditional Styles

The possibilities available are massive for glass entrance doors…from contemporary styles that feature full glass panels with modern framing and hardware, to traditional glass front doors with classical divided panes and wood framework. The type of door material, the glass dimensions, the various grades of glass…being prepared to make multiple decisions is part of the process when choosing glass doors. Your home, its architecture, siding, roofing, landscaping and interior design should all play into the decision making. Our company can assist you in many ways, such as custom making your glass door to suit an older home that does not have a standard door opening. If you know of a certain style of glass entrance doors that appeals to you, that can be a great starting point to launch from, and will make the decision-making process much easier.

Quality Material

Glass panels of any dimensions can be placed into any type of material that is used for entrance doors, like wood, steel, fibreglass and composite, if you should want to skip the full-glass door and only have part of your door with glass and the other part solid material. Some trending practices that have come into play over the past few years is homeowners that want to ‘repurpose’ glass, like stained glass, that has a vintage, antique or historical significance. You can opt to incorporate repurposed glass into your glass entrance doors design, giving it a super-unique aesthetic! As most homeowners are also energy conscious, there are additional options that will help reduce a negative thermal impact, such as having insulated frames, the glass should be double or tripled glazed, low-e coatings to the glass and metal framed glass need to have a thermal break. There should be some consideration when it comes to a single pane or a double pane with glass entrance doors, double paned glass will provide you with extra durability and the option to use a gas filler between the panes for better energy efficiency.

Additional Options

Some additional options you can take under consideration are frosted glass, which still allows for natural light, but adds the element of privacy. There is a wide range of glass types, from glass that makes a statement (beveled, prisms, lead-crystal jewels) to select types of glass (decorative glass patterns) to cost effective glass like obscured (with hints of embellishments and textures). You will be exposed to caming options, which is the metal framework that holds the glass pieces in place, which can be part of an ensemble that compliments other pieces of metal décor or the hardware used for the door itself. Hardware nowadays comes in such a fantastic mix of options and collections that some people really enjoy picking out certain pieces that will enhance a design idea! Once again, there are modern pieces, contemporary pieces and even rustic pieces of hardware that can make your glass entrance door pop with character!