French Entrance Doors

French entrance doors are highly sought after by homeowners for their style, elegance, opening/closing function and diversity in designs. French doors are made up of multiple panels or glass or panes, that is separated by the material the French doors are made of (wood, fibreglass or steel). The glass panes that can vary in shapes (depending on design choice) and are fitted into the panels to get the well-known flat French door product. Our door specialists know that homeowners want to capture as much natural light as possible, and this is where French entrance doors ‘illuminate’ an entrance area within the home effectively and beautifully. With a smorgasbord of options, French doors allow you to be creative, and provide the opportunity to get in touch with the ‘interior designer’ within yourself. Traditionally, French doors are utilized as a grand entrance onto a patio or terrace, opening out to a garden or backyard area, but they also bring a gorgeous ‘pop’ of character, to any large room within a home as well. With less restrictions that are found with many other entrance doors, translates into a ton of fun and allow your creative flair to ‘open-up!

Trending & Traditional Styles

One of the biggest perks to French entrance doors are their numerous configurations, styles and dimensions…giving homeowners lots of wiggle room, when it comes down to design features and various budgets (our friendly staff can assist you with getting as much bang for your buck as possible!). To help you narrow down all your choices (which can feel overwhelming once you begin to investigate your options), you can create a short list that involves choosing window types, glass types, material preference for the door, colour and dimensions. Our company does carry standard French entrance doors and customizable options. We offer flat panels of glass with grilles & simulated divided lites or without grilles. The lites can extend the whole height of the door, or they are available in half-view and three-quarter view, allowing some natural light to pass through, but maintaining a level of privacy. You can opt to have your French doors swing in or swing out, from the centre of the doors.

Quality Material

French entrance doors are usually made from wood (homeowners favourite), fibreglass and steel. The most cost-effective material for French doors is steel, with added perks like durability, strength, long lasting and possesses a more modern metallic/elegant look. Steel French doors require painting to maintain its presence and performance when exposed to the outdoor elements. Fibreglass French doors are a little bit more versatile, and is still an economic sound choice. Fibreglass French doors are strong enough to stand up to fluctuating weather conditions, they can be ‘edge treated’ to resemble the look and texture of wood, and possesses a modern, clean lines look (fibreglass can be painted or stained to add a great finish). Now, wood French entrance doors does have the ‘wow’ factor that many homeowners (like yourself) prefers. Wood is naturally warm, rustic looking, durable and can be painted, stained or varnished. The types of species of wood French doors used are hickory, hardwoods, softwoods, mahogany, walnut, poplar, red oak, white oak, ash and cherry.

Additional Options

If privacy is a concern for your new French entrance doors, you have interesting options that will allow you to create additional privacy instantly, without having to give up the desire for expansive natural light to flood in. Shades and blinds are a fantastic option for French doors as they can act as natural light filters (controlling the amount of light) and that privacy factor you would prefer (also controllable at certain times of the day or night). French doors require (for maximum security), a three-point locking system that locks the door to the head jamb and to the sill. A consideration to take under advisement is…French doors command more space for operation, unlike sliding doors and pocket doors. When combining matching pairs or a series of French doors, it is always a wise decision to speak to our door specialists, who will provide you with helpful information. Weather stripping combined with proper installation, is another way to bump up the energy efficiency of your newly installed French entrance doors, saving you money and protecting your investment.