Panoramic Patio Doors

Panoramic patio doors are sometimes called folding patio doors, but the views are the same…expansive, with the desired perk of overflowing a room with massive amounts of natural light! To Canadians, patios are an external source for entertaining friends & family, the first point of contact before reaching the backyard or garden, and the outside play area for children and pets. Our company recognizes the wants and needs of homeowners, that want as much from their patio doors as possible, without giving up style or functionality. Outdoor landscaping and patio décor are just a couple of the highlights that adds value to any property, why not have full-walled views of it? Panoramic patio doors are the best way to connect your outdoor space flawlessly with your homes indoor space. The perfect solution for any patio door opening, panoramic patio doors behave in an accordion-like manner, with numerous amounts of configurations! Our company offers various angles and directions that each configuration can work in (based on dimensions of door panels/slabs, inswing or outswing configurations and whether all panels are full-glass, or a combination of full-glass blended with panels). Your design ideas are customizable, which ‘opens-up’ many more options for you!

Trending & Traditional Styles

Revolutionizing residential patio doors that once could only be found and used in commercial spaces, homeowners can now revel in the outstanding flexibility an enjoyment, that only panoramic patio doors can provide. Our team of door specialists are available to guide you through the entire process when considering panoramic patio doors. Maximizing on both your comfort and smoothly transitioning the interior & exterior space to seem integrated, our mission is to help you obtain your objectives, and remain within your set budget. The architecture of your home is the first point of focus, this will lend to (and narrow down) possible options from our panoramic patio doors collection. The dimensions (how many panels can be used – up to 16 panels), the materials that are best suited for both interior & exterior, and the functioning open/close performance (inswing or outswing). Massive views of the outdoors and wide-open access when in the open position, many homeowners cannot count the benefits that are apparent with these types of doors, in comparison to traditional and old-style patio doors!

Quality Material

Our company goes the extra mile when it comes to our customers receiving only the very best quality material, that is superior in long lasting durability, weather resistant, low maintenance and high performing. Material choices are composite (stronger than vinyl, weather resistant & low maintenance), aluminum (used for the exterior, for its durability, maintenance free & weather resistance), vinyl (low maintenance, cost effective & longevity), wood (strength, rigidity & thermal features and higher maintenance) and fibreglass (strong, weather resistant, low maintenance, insulation factors are good and cost less than wood, but possesses the look of wood grains). Our manufactured guides and pivots are made from the highest quality steel, while the tracks, sills and channels are made from very durable aluminum extrusions. It is an exciting adventure you’re on when choosing your new panoramic patio doors, and we want to ensure that the excitement continues after the purchase & installation process, our company is committed to you!

Additional Options

As mentioned above, panoramic patio doors can be customized to fit your home perfectly and function at a performance level that you are comfortable with. Each section of panels slides on an overhead track and then tidily folds away to provide unobstructed views, yet leaving them accessible. Additional options would include double glazing which creates a higher quality acoustic barrier from outside noise pollution, upgrades to the multi-point locking system for added security, operation hardware upgrades and a gorgeous selection of hardware pieces and colour palette. The glass panels can also be altered to better tailor to your needs such as tempered glass and additional low-e coatings to fight against harmful UV rays and reduction of heat loss. Adding a whole new concept to ‘open-views’ does not have to stop with your panoramic patio doors, you can opt to have a second wall or third wall of your home to possess large glass windows that match the dimensions of your dynamic new panoramic patio doors enclosure!