Three Track Patio Doors

With a huge jump in innovation technologies & practices, our company has ‘opened-up’ a whole new world when it comes to sliding patio doors, through our three track patio doors series! Now, instead of a traditional operating system for panoramic & folding doors, we can proudly offer our customers (like you, your friends and your family), a two or three sashes system to slide in one direction, which in turn, opening-up to two thirds of a total opening! This is a brilliant step forward for homes with larger openings, and homeowners that want slim sightlines that do not interfere with expansive views of the outdoors to their patios (we understand how fellow Canadians love their patios and frequent use of them!). Not only are three track patio doors thermally enhanced within acceptable U-values, they provide an air-tight seal and energy efficiency when coupled with low-e glazing for the full-panel safety glass. A premium solution for patio doors that is uncomplicated, that removes confusing design configurations that can accompany folding doors, and each panel can slide left to right, or right to left and neatly tucks panels one & two behind panel three, if choosing a three panel super-simple configuration. You can opt for one, two, three, four, five or six panes collectively to create a massive expanse of glass for more natural light and enter/exit opening to your patio.

Trending & Traditional Styles

Elegant and efficient, our three track patio doors are made from the highest quality aluminium, and wheels & tracks are made from stainless steel for high-end durability and smooth operation. Key features you will see when it comes to our fully fabricated three track patio doors are 400mm cranked bar handle in brushed steel, five-point enhanced security lock and each panel can be up to 8 metres wide. The sleek design of our three track patio doors can be viewed as a more contemporary feel, or, can have a more traditional look, through colours available and glass options. The larger scope of full-glass panels really boosts a homes value (another wise investment to your property), and provides a massive swath of natural light pouring into the area that leads out to the patio. Great for entertaining as the opening (when your triple track patio doors are opened) is vast enough, that the days of squeezing though a doorway with an armful of drinks or food are gone! As many homeowners know, it is also a huge benefit to be able to ‘keep an eye out’ on their back property, and with wider views, this makes ‘taking it all in’ more safe and secure. The easy and smooth function of our triple track patio doors is little hands & child friendly, but at the same time, our security locking mechanisms are located three feet up from the floor level, making them far safer for little ones who are curious.

Quality Material

The three track patio doors that we manufacture is a non-thermally broken frame system, with sashes that can be substituted with double glazed thermal units (we double pour polyurethane thermal break within the frame and singly pour polyurethane thermal break within the sashes). Our company also incorporates tempered safety glass, higher strength aluminium extrusions (that are baked in an enamel finish) to be proactive against warping, bowing or twisting and double weather stripping around the entire perimeter to reduce moisture and air infiltration. One of our patio doors series offers a four-hook bolt multi-point locking system and a one-piece keep, which adds additional security, protection & strength.

Additional Options

There are additional options available to our customers that wish to enhance their triple track patio doors, like 1000mm crank bar handle in brushed steel to inside, 400mm or 1000mm cranked brushed steel bar handle to the outside, upgraded security hardware, lever and cylinder to outside and either end opening for more functional preferences. Other optional features are screens with four adjustable rollers in pet mesh, aluminium or fibreglass, sill extensions, key cylinder locks, screen insert sashes, low-e argon gas filling between glass panels, grill bars and glass tinting. Colour choices for single colour are white gloss, grey matte, black matte, light grey matte and textured grey slate. Dual colour combinations are black matte outside with white gloss inside and grey matte outside with white gloss inside.