Sliding Storm Doors

Sliding storm doors are not only a big energy saver throughout the year, but they are manufactured by our company to protect homeowners existing sliding doors from the elements of outdoor weather. Sliding storm doors are the perfect solution for patio sliding doors, that are sometimes less energy efficient or have worn weather stripping. Our company strives to address the three Canadian climate zones where storm doors are needed, and focus on the savings for our customers. Sliding storm doors can be used in the warmer months with full-screen panels, and in the winter months, our full-glass panels are ideal (one frame hosts both, which are easily interchangeable). Sliding storm doors that are full-glass panels help to minimize and block drafts, condensation build up & frost accumulation, while protecting your primary doors. By implementing sliding storm doors, homeowners can have customized dimensions and powder-coat painted from a wide assortment of colour choices. It is always a surprise to homeowners that storm doors can be so versatile, beautiful with stunning features and so energy efficient!

Trending & Traditional Styles

Our company understands that homeowners (like yourself) want as much versatility with their sliding storm doors purchase as possible. This is one of the reasons that our company stepped up our visions, and manufacture our sliding storm doors to be used in a variety of ways, not just as interchangeable storm doors that are fronting primary doors. We can install your new sliding storm doors over existing doors, or, they can be installed by our door specialists to be utilized as enclosures for porches, which provides greater options! Our door installers can discuss panel arrangements prior to installation, and provide you with the options available regarding the mounting fin. With modern, designer colour palettes and traditional materials options (custom made sliding storm doors), the look that you wish to capture is possible, you can execute your vision and personal design preferences! As you will read below, our aluminium alloy factory finish can be altered if you are not pleased with our offerings of colours.

Quality Material

Beginning with the frame, our sliding storm doors are mounted into a head, sill and jambs that are designed for joining with screws at each corner for strength. Our main frame and panels are made of extruded aluminium alloy, screw fasteners are made of stainless steel or cadmium-plated/zinc plated. The corners of the rolling panels are butt jointed & fastened with screws to form a weather-tight joint, and both panels that are provided are sealed with ball bearing wheels in the lower rail. After installation, the panels are super-easy to adjust. Our panels are double weather stripped to ‘double-up’ on a tighter seal and lessen air infiltration. For easy operation of our sliding storm doors, we provide a die cast handle. All panels are factory glazed with tempered safety glass, which you can opt to have low-e coatings added to the full-glass panels for increased energy efficiency during the colder months. Our company only sources the highest quality materials for our customers, to ensure the very best manufacturing practices and the best finished products. Multiple locking points provide homeowners with optional security features.

Additional Options

You have plenty of additional options when it comes to your new sliding storm doors, like alternative materials (PVC, fibreglass, wood, steel and composite), various hardware options that offer eye-appealing hardware that has diverse functions. Nowadays, even the mesh within the full-screen sliding storm doors have a more durable feature that acts as a higher security option (steel mesh that is more rigid and is harder to damage). If you are considering customizing your sliding storm doors, there are retractable rollscreen options, internal blinds choices and a whole array of decorative glass selections like tinting & frosting to enhance privacy. Sliding storm doors are ideally suited for fronting patio sliding doors, as the wear and tear on the primary doors (frequent use), can wear down weather stripping and overall performance. Our team of door specialists are available to assist you with helpful information, guidance with choosing your sliding storm doors and even the installation process. Little to no maintenance is needed with our sliding storm doors, the occasional touch up with paint if the panels or framing gets scratched or minorly damaged in any way.