Modern Entrance Doors

Embracing bold architectural features of modernism, our modern entrance doors possess a contemporary look, elegant style and clean, sleek lines. Entrance doors of today’s trending appeal leans on minimalist designs, smooth surfaces and sometimes an oversized door is just the ticket! Many homeowners want their entrance door to ‘pop’ with that wow factor, and rightly so, the front door of any home is memorable, especially if it is unique and provides an impact of character to all who come and go through it and past it. Why settle for an average door, when you can entertain a more powerful presence, either through readily available stock options, or, you can have your masterpiece custom made! Drafting up your own design and pulling on your own creativity really is half the fun when considering a modern door style. Our design experts enjoy fresh, crisp and clean lines when it comes to our selection of high quality modern entrance doors, and maybe, that is your preference as well!

Trending & Traditional Styles

Many homeowners choose warm, authentic wood varieties as their top pick for modern entrance doors. Our company sources only the highest quality materials, so no matter which type of material or what type or style, you can be rest assured you are getting the very best front door. There are so many different styles to choose from when it comes to your new front door and the good news is…our door specialists can put a modern spin on a traditional, classic or any other type of door that may appeal to you (an example of this would be a refinished, smooth, horizontal wood panels door and updating it with a silky black handle guard that extends from the top to the bottom of the door). Modern entrance doors can combine steel, wood and unique hardware pieces and decorative glass to introduce a more contemporary look. Other styles embrace large, (heavy looking) bold wooden doors that are wider than a standard door and are decorated with metal hardware and framed with a darker colour for contrast. The possibilities are only limited to your imagination, let our friendly team help you to assemble the perfect modern entrance doors design for your home.

Quality Material

Modern doors can be derived from a variety of materials and can have glass panes added and decorative features. Steel doors are a favourite among homeowners for their versatility, strength, longevity, low maintenance and can accommodate a custom design of decorative glass panes. Steel is cost effective and with no glass panes, are impressive with their insulating factors. Wood doors are manufactured with the use of wood laminates, which makes them more resistant to warping and wood veneer panels where insulation can be injected between the panels, giving wood doors better insulation qualities, but, require regular maintenance. Fibreglass doors are ideal in climates with regular changes in temperature, they are moulded around a polyurethane core which aids in resistance to cold and damage from impact. Fibreglass doors have a ‘wood look’ because of their natural grains from moulding techniques, and when stained or other wood finishes are used, these doors look authentically wooden, they are easily maintained and are energy efficient. PVC & composite modern entrance doors are a top choice for their corrosion & elements resistance, their lightweight material that is reinforcement with steel in the interior makes them rigid and strong, along with less heat loss & heightened energy efficiency (requiring very little maintenance, which is a big perk too!).

Additional Options

You have many opportunities to just work with the entrance doors that you have, by adding matte black panels to wood panels to make your front door come alive, or, combining artistic & textured glass sheets/panels provides a very unique appearance to any door. All our modern entrance doors come with some very neat, optional features like sliding doors, lift & slide doors, concealed hinges doors, oversized doors, glass roller fittings and more. Trending now with modern entrance doors is the appealing option to have an outside wood veneer and inside glass door (or visa versa)! Forward thinking, intricate manufacturing techniques and high-end design (while maintaining cost effectiveness) is what sets our company apart from other window & door companies.