Sliding Patio Doors

You may be asking yourself why sliding patio doors are the most popular choice for homeowners? The answer is simplified when you consider how much space a swinging door interferes with to operate (open & close), where as sliding doors do not enter any space, they simply slide back and forth. Because sliding patio doors lead out to a useable patio space, it is ideal to not have an inswing or outswing door system that may interfere with the flow of people (and possibly pets) that will be using this specific door regularly, to gain access to not only a patio, but a backyard or garden too. Over the years, patio doors had issues with air leakage, heat loss and lack of security features, but our company has listened to our customers and through innovative technologies, have made substantial improvements towards durability, weather resistance & UV ray damage, air-tight seals and highly improved energy efficiency & security.

Trending & Traditional Styles

Sliding patio doors are a big hit with homeowners when it comes to letting in as much natural light as possible! These sliding doors consist of two or more individual panels, with at least one of them slides back and forth horizontally on concealed rollers. Fixed panels that do not move can be added to the sliding panel(s) to increase expansive views of the outdoors. Another big perk of sliding patio doors is how they slide parallel to the wall they are mounted in, which means the sliding panels do not block or interfere with walking areas or placement of furniture…great news for budding interior designers! Sliding patio doors come in an array of styles from traditional or classic, all the way through to a sharp & clean contemporary look. The choice of material is important to ensure that you capture the precise look you are trying to design (our door specialists are available to assist you in your stock or custom made sliding patio doors). You even have options like using French doors and their style as sliding doors for your patio passageway. The possibilities truly are fun and the opportunities to create a show-stopping piece for your home is exciting!

Quality Material

Sliding patio doors are made from a variety of materials that our company sources to manufacture beautiful, energy efficient and high performing patio doors. Choices are always a good thing for homeowners, and the materials available to our customers are of the highest quality (fibreglass, aluminium, steel, vinyl, wood and clad-wood). Fibreglass doors are ideal for providing a wood-looking door, but with a lot more to offer like low maintenance, durable in multiple climates and cost effective. Aluminium doors are lightweight yet strong, cost effective and performs great in various climates. Steel doors are more economical, offer strength & durability, low maintenance and resist ranging weather conditions. Vinyl doors are energy efficient, strong, durable and do not rot, fade, peel or flake and are almost zero maintenance. Wood doors are a bit pricier, they require more maintenance (painting or staining/veneer), but are the ‘real deal’, which nothing can compare to the looks of an authentic wood product. Clad-wood doors are wood doors that are layered in metal, which in turn provides lower maintenance, additional strength and protection against the outside elements.

Additional Options

When it comes to the outside element in Canada, there are three climate zones that should be taken into consideration while you are trying to work out what type of sliding patio doors would work best for your home. Glass selections are based on their performance, clear glass is the most cost effective and possesses standard glazing, then there are upgrades that add different layers and material to glass glazing (low-e) to increase their reduction of heat loss and damaging UV rays. When low-e coatings are combined with between-the-panes gas filling, then there is an increase in thermal performance. Our triple glazing system applies the highest energy efficiency using a super spacer, two panels of low-e coated glass & two cavities filled with higher density glass, which does cost more, but the savings in the long run will be worth the additional investment into your sliding patio doors that you will have for many years. You can opt to upgrade to highly efficient security hardware and the interior and exterior hardware pieces like handles, deadbolts & levers.