Panel Entrance Doors

You may be wondering about all the differences are between entrance doors, but the most basic entrance door is a panel entrance door. Sometimes referred to as stile & rail doors, panel doors are basically built from a simple construction of a frame and panels (the number of panels used can vary, depending on material used, insulating factors and design preference). The panels are large, wider boards used to fill in the space between the rails, stiles and mullions (mullions are smaller optional vertical boards that span between two rails, thus splitting the door into two or more columns of panels). Our door specialists can walk you through all the various design options, optional additions and even assist with material and colour choices, as there is a vast collection within our paint & stain colour collections, or, you can opt to order a beautiful factory finish. The panel entrance doors that you are taking under consideration offer maximum privacy, a solid door without any lites (glass panel) and heightened security. Families with children often contemplate security features when purchasing panel entrance doors, and are often pleased that the full panel, strong & durable doors can be decorative, but keep little ones safe and secure (without lites, curiosity is lessened).

Trending & Traditional Styles

There are a variety of panel types that you can choose from, beginning with an all panel door right up to 8 panels. You will be delighted with all the decorative accents, multiple panel designs and textures available to you, for whichever panel entrance doors material you choose. There are quite a few styles that can be incorporated into your trending or traditional personal style, like arched tops, centre arch, eyebrow, flush, squares and various shapes & scrolling designs. The sky is not the limit, its comes down to what material works for your own needs, and the ideal finished product that is crafted from your vision (with maybe a few tweaks here and there to your design for the perfect panel entrance doors). If having a lite (glass panel) is attractive to you, that can be combined into the design you create, so you can be quite creative and inject some additional personality!

Quality Material

The materials used for panel entrance doors consists of wood, fibreglass, composite and steel, each offering their own unique styles and finishes. Wood panel entrance doors are attractive, warm and inviting and the good news is…they are now manufactured with the use of wood laminates which makes them more resistant to warping & wood veneer panels where insulation can be injected between the panels giving these doors better insulation qualities. Fibreglass panel doors are ideal in climates with regular changes in temperature, they are moulded around a polyurethane core which aids in resistance to cold and damage from impact. Fibreglass doors have a ‘wood look’ because of their natural grains from moulding techniques, and when stained or other wood finishes are used, these doors look authentically wooden, they are easily maintained and are energy efficient when weather stripping is used. Steel panel doors are a favourite among homeowners for their versatility, strength, longevity, low maintenance and can accommodate a custom design of decorative panels. Steel panel entrance doors are cost effective in comparison to other materials, and with no windows present, they are impressive with their higher insulating factors. Composite panel doors are manufactured by using compressed wooden slab that is encompassed by a highly durable plastic edge banding & double thermos plastic door skins (more cost effective, durable, secure and thermally efficient then uPVC).

Additional Options

Customizable options and fun ways for you to create your very own panel entrance doors masterpiece, our helpful team of door experts are on hand to assist you while providing sound advice and ensuring you are aware of all your options. Authentic woods used come in cherry, mahogany, walnut, alder and oak, with multi-wood options. Because fibreglass ‘wood grains’ can be incorporated and stained, this is another option available for upgrading doors performance. Steel panel doors and composite panel entrance doors can also be painted or be chosen from our factory finishes. Our steel panel doors have fun perks and additional options like a pet panel, which is great news for pet owners who wish for their pet to go inside and outside independently!