Hinged Patio Doors

Many Canadians take their patio spaces seriously, as patios are commonly used as an extension of entertaining space, an outdoor cooking area (or both), and a prelude to stepping out to a beautiful and enjoyable backyard and/or garden. Sometimes called swinging patio doors, hinged patio doors do operate in a more traditional manner like other exterior doors. These doors are centre hung, usually in pairs and hinged on either side of a central mullion. There is another type of hinged patio doors, which are just as familiar, and they are called French doors (the difference between the two doors is, the French doors are hinged at the side jambs, forcing the door panels to meet when closed, and when opened, the whole area between the hinges is clear). Hinged patio doors are typically made up of full-view glass panels, where French doors tend to have additional decorative features like grid or grille patterns.

Trending & Traditional Styles

With plenty of style and colour options at your fingertips, our door specialists do recommend a few tips, when choosing hinged patio doors. There are three different climates in Canada, so selecting the right hinged patio door for your own environment is important, and there are ratings with doors to help you ensure you are getting an energy efficient door first and foremost (you will want to check out the glass options, UV coatings, R-value, low-e glass and U-factor). You will want your door to function and perform at its best, but, you will also want it to look the best! This is where our friendly team can step in and help you juggle the needs and wants, so you get the highest quality door, and stay within your budget. Traditional all the way up to contemporary, you have a multitude of style collections to consider. What appeals to you? What style do you think would work well in the space that will host your hinged patio door? How about mixing and matching colour palettes to create a unique take on hinged patio doors? You are not restricted, our company gives you the ‘tools’ to custom make your own patio door statement (we offer choices with door styles, materials, interior & exterior colours, door glass, hardware & security).

Quality Material

Hinged patio doors are made from a variety of materials that our company sources to manufacture beautiful, energy efficient and high performing patio doors. Choices are always a good thing for homeowners, and the materials available are of the highest quality (fibreglass, aluminium, steel, vinyl, wood and clad-wood). Fibreglass doors are ideal for providing a wood-looking door, but with a lot more to offer like low maintenance, durable in multiple climates and cost effective. Aluminium doors are lightweight yet strong, cost effective and performs great in various climates. Steel doors are more economical, offer strength & durability, low maintenance and resist ranging weather conditions. Vinyl doors are energy efficient, strong, durable and do not rot, fade, peel or flake and are almost zero maintenance. Wood doors are a bit pricier, they require more maintenance (painting or staining/veneer), but are the ‘real deal’, which nothing can compare to the looks of an authentic wood product. Clad-wood doors are wood doors that are layered in metal, which in turn provides lower maintenance, additional strength and protection against the outside elements.

Additional Options

Upon selecting the best hinged patio door for your home, you can consider many additional options that will further enhance your design ideas. You will have features, colours, hardware, grilles/grids, glass type/decorative accents/textures, dimensions, trim, insect screens for ventilation, panel choices, security hardware and adjustable hinges. The swing of your hinged patio doors will either be inswing or outswing. Glass selections are usually based on their performance, clear glass is the most cost effective and possesses standard glazing, then there are upgrades that add different layers and material to glass glazing (low-e) to increase their reduction of heat loss and damaging UV rays. When low-e coatings are combined with between-the-panes gas filling, then there is an increase in thermal performance. Our triple glazing system applies the highest energy efficiency with a super spacer, two panels of low-e coated glass & two cavities filled with higher density glass, which does cost more, but the savings in the long run will be worth the additional investment into your hinged patio door that you will have for many years.