Internal Grid Entrance Doors

Internal grid entrance doors possess an enticing style that many homeowners find irresistible! Thinking back to the old days when grids were the components that held each piece of glass in place like a frame (called divided lites), it is this architecturally eye-catching detail that draws people to internal grid entrance doors. You may be wondering if internal grids are just aesthetically pleasing & just a decorative option, or, does internal grids serve a purpose? The answer would be yes to both questions. Internal grids used in-between the glass panes in an entrance door is meant to provide a ‘certain look’ that appeals to you, they make cleaning the glass easier, they project a mosaic-like pattern into a room on sunny days and they are a cost-effective means of livening up the glass panes. Our friendly door specialists can assist you in creating a unique, traditional, historical or modern ‘pop’ of character with your internal grid entrance doors.

Trending & Traditional Styles

Our company offers a smorgasbord of grid designs and options, as well as popular colour palettes like clay/creamy white, almond, woodgrain, gold, cocoa/creamy white and white, just to name a few. Keeping in mind that internal grids are position between two glass panes and depending on the low-e coatings present, may give your coloured grid a slightly different colour once manufactured (white grids that are seen through low-e glass can appear to look more tan in colour). The grid themselves can be either sculptured grids or flat grids within the insulated area between the glass panes. There are numerous choices when it comes to grid patterns and combinations…there are standard (or Colonial grids) that work with contemporary and traditional styles, and can be used on the whole door, or, just the top sash and have the option to specify how many lites you would like to see go across and up & down. Valance grids are like standard grids, but are only applied to the top of the door, and you can specify the number of lites to be used going across and the height. Perimeter grids accentuate a contemporary look, with an outline on the perimeter of the glass with the grid intersecting in the corners (perimeter grids offer more pattern choices because you can specify a perimeter on each glass pane, on just a sash, an attractive perimeter across an array of doors, or, have the grid intersection at the top or in all four corners).

Quality Material

Through our manufacturing processes and techniques, we understand that homeowners want to match their internal grid entrance doors to framing materials and overall style & colours of a home. The materials used in our prefinished grids consist of vinyl, wood, metal and plastic composite. There are various styles that homeowners tend to follow through on with their grid patterns, like Victorian style & Neo Victorian style, modern/contemporary style, Tudor style, Colonial style & Cape Cod style, Prairie style, Craftsman style and farmhouse/cottage style. Getting the ‘right’ look with internal grid entrance doors is easier then you may think, and our helpful team of door specialists can get you to the finished product that you have envisioned in your mind, and, help you to stay on budget. Creating the perfect first impression for your home is not only a big decision, but once it is purchased and installed, it also adds real long-term value to any home!

Additional Options

The amount of choices available to you continues, when you are in the market for internal grid entrance doors. To really capture a historical appearance, you can opt to incorporate simulated divided lites (the grids attach to the glass surface, both interior and exterior, with a space in between the glass to simulate that old-world look. A good point of interest for you to be aware of is, doors have wider sashes then windows, and it is a good idea to not try to line up (when choosing your own design) your horizontal internal grids to match up with nearby windows, because it will result in shorter vertical grids. Allowing the internal grid entrance door to have its own intricate character from its surrounding windows, will add aesthetically pleasing value to the exterior façade of any home, not diminish it.