Timeless…traditional…established…these are just a few words to describe homeowners’ passion for classic entrance doors. Sometimes, the ‘original’ style of a specific door and/or a specific material is precisely what homeowners’ prefer, and go as far as to have their classic entrance doors custom made, to ensure that the type and style is spot on to their vision for their homes. This is where our skilled team of door specialists can step in and help, to provide you with sound advice, help you to remain within your budget and to be ecstatic with the result! Solid wood doors always ring true with homeowners that want a classical design, with elegant pops of character, but most of all, homeowners appreciate that natural wood is eco-friendly (reusable, renewable, biodegradable & recyclable), has better insulating factors and adds value to any home for their longevity with proper care. Caring for wood, fibreglass or steel classic entrance doors is a matter of ensuring that the exterior surface of the door is kept in good, damage-free condition, a coat of stain or paint, a good cleaning and avoiding scratches & dents can help tremendously with extending the life span of a classic door, and keeping it eye-appealing too!

Trending & Traditional Styles

Nowadays and currently trending, classic entrance doors ‘opens’ toward the past, with solid wood panes, glass panel configurations, sidelites & transoms. Doors made in the past hold a warm place in homeowners’ hearts, and the appeal is understandable. Natural wood doors seem to always take first place as the desireable material, and for the styles of classic doors…well, there are many to choose from. Whether you want to have your classic entrance doors to be fabricated out of wood, steel or fibreglass, you can choose a style that meets your ‘classic inspiration’ for an exceptional entrance. You have options and opportunities at your fingertips, with single doors and double doors, with or without glass panels, sidelites or transoms. So many possibilities…you are only limited to your imagination (especially if you would like us to help you create a custom-made masterpiece!). Mixing and matching to design your own fusion of solid door & glass combinations, you do have the freedom to bring your vision to fruition

Quality Material

Classic entrance doors all had a beginning…and over time, certain styles & materials were ‘perfected’ and placed into a classic collection of favourites by homeowners. Many of the classic doors are made from authentic, solid woods like hickory wood, hardwoods, softwoods, mahogany wood, walnut wood, poplar wood, red oak wood, white oak wood, ash wood and cherry wood. Then came along other materials such as fibreglass and steel, which tried to mock the actual look and feel of wood, with a few small perks here and there to add to their attractiveness (fibreglass can be grained & stained to look and feel like wood). Our company carefully (and with strict quality control strategies), sources our materials with the strictest intensions of providing our customs with the very best and highest quality materials. With wood doors manufacturing, our company also provides traditional stile & rail construction with full thickness raised panels and dowel joinery. Our company begins with the best, so our customers can enjoy the best

Additional Options

To entertain ideas for additional options, the classic entrance doors of your choice could incorporate door knockers, classic style hardware (handle sets, deadbolts, security plates, etc.) and even a bell that chimes with some aged character! Alternative options can add even more impact with internal decorative grilles, scrolling, frosted or tinted glass, stained glasswork and interesting glass shapes are also ‘wide open’ options available to you. Other considerations that can be tweaked for that perfect classic door include choices with hinges, threshold, interior casing, brickmould, flushed panels, embossed panels, sill, sweep and an extensive colour palette. Energy efficiency is always a welcomed way to save money, and by adding low-e and argon gas to glass, you can have that classic design AND higher energy savings (properly set weather stripping also plays a big part in air-tight efficiency). Our team of door experts can guide you in design, quality craftsmanship options, installation process and after care information.