Patio Enclosures Halton Region


Patio Enclosures Halton Region

Our company knows a great first step for homeowners is to ascertain if your new patio enclosures Halton Region will be used in all seasons, some seasons, as a privacy shield, or just as a protective and enjoyable guard against the hot sun and pesky insects. Upon choosing the style of patio enclosure, you will then want to consider door and window options. One of the biggest perks to incorporating patio enclosures to your outside space is the additional square footage it adds to your home (and by ‘extension’, adding even more value and entertaining space…a great investment strategy!). As many Canadians enjoy their backyards in all weather and even more, their patio space (who doesn’t love to BBQ in the wintertime?), it is a win-win situation when homeowners convert their patios into a patio enclosed space for year-round enjoyment! Simultaneously, you are adding an extension or square footage to your home by enclosing your patio area, which is a ‘value booster’ if and when you may decide to sell your home in the future, and it is a strategic energy efficiency boost as well!

Patio Enclosures Styles

A great first step is to ascertain if your new patio enclosures Halton Region will be used in all seasons, some seasons, as a privacy shield, or just as a protective and enjoyable guard against the hot sun and pesky insects. There are traditional patio enclosures that are sometimes called sunrooms, there are patio covers only, three season patio enclosures, four season patio enclosures, patio covers only, solariums and screen & frame patio enclosures (our helpful team of enclosure specialists can help you to narrow down your choices and keep you within your budget). Creating your own space that is tranquil & personalized, creating a space that extends your entertaining capacity, home office, indoor garden or, a great place to just sit and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors from the indoors…the possibilities available to you are endless!

Patio Enclosures Materials

The materials available to be used with your new patio enclosures Halton Region vary, materials individually perform with different pros and cons, and some of the resulting patio enclosure materials will be dictated by the exterior façade of the home, roof structure, dimensions of the enclosure and its overall anticipated use. The basic materials are:
Aluminium: Cost effective, high rigidity, low maintenance, variable colour palette & sizes, lightweight and durable to the elements, with longevity.
Vinyl: Highly durable, cost effective, maintenance free, resistant to mold, cracking, peeling, corrosion & denting, rich colour palette and can be manufactured to resemble wood or metal, with exceptional longevity.
Wood: Higher price point, versatile, higher maintenance, versatile, strong, natural material, insulator of noise & heat and can be treated to repel rotting, with lasting lifespan with proper care.
Steel: Versatile, durable, strong, high quality material, low maintenance, low insulating factors, requires treatments to resist rusting and is manufactured with a great colour selection, with longevity.
Glass: There is single glass panels (good for three seasons) and double glass panels (good for four seasons through energy efficient insulators) …optional extras include glass tinting, low-e and interchangeable glass for screens.
Screens: Highly durable aluminium mesh that is painted black (invisible to the eyes) to increase protection against UV rays, and manufactured using high-grade mesh that stands up to all weather elements and extend the lifespan of the screens (resist sagging & corrosion).

Patio Enclosures Extras

Patio enclosures Halton Region provides extras you can incorporate into your design, and are optional like tempered glass, insulated knee-walls or kick plates, in-swing doors, customized sills, sliding doors to save on space in smaller areas, transoms & sidelites and modern hardware & security options, just to name a few. Our patio enclosures do come with standard equipment and all that you will need to erect your enclosure, but the little extras can polish off your design to make it unique to you and your home. Another consideration is (especially if you are handy and like DIY projects) our kits that come pre-assembled, so you can install it yourself (after accurate measurements are taken). For full-sized patio enclosures, you should consider there may be extra construction required, after all, you are implementing an addition to your home.