Entrance Doors Style

Making an inspiring statement to anyone who beholds the front of your house, and the personality your entrance door possesses, is one of the more fun and creative aspects to home ownership! Listed below are a few of the main entrance door styles that are popular and trending today. Our door specialists are on hand, should you have any questions, design concerns or require guidance with information, hands-on assistance with installation or keeping you on track and within your personal budget.


Becoming a top contender for entrance door styles, rustic doors are generally made from authentic wood products, and that has always been highly appealing to homeowners. Typically seen on quaint cabins & brick/stone or wood houses, rustic doors possess a thickness and presence that looks strong, with raised panels, scored lines and sometimes clear feature glass. Rustic doors can be rectangular or arched in form. Wood doors can be treated to have an ‘aged’ or ‘repurposed’ look to them, further enhancing options for a finished and eclectic-feeling entrance door.


An eye-appealing architectural feature that is more-often-than-not custom made, the arched entrance door styles is far away from typical entrance doors. Curved designs make arched doors distinct and unique, which is an attractive pro for homeowners that want their investment to stretch into the ‘sensational’ category.


Modern entrance door styles possess sleek and straight lines, clean and fresh appearance…think minimalist design traits. With some styles of modern doors, you may see square raised or blocked panels and even panes that possess frosted or translucent glass (great for allowing natural light into the front entrance of your home). Another notable feature of modern entrance door styles is, they are larger in size, but still stick to sleek, clean lines with the doors hardware.


Traditional entrance door styles are super-easy to spot…multiple raised panels are their telltale sign, and are sometimes combined with glass inserts (coloured panes or scrollwork designs). Traditional entrance doors are made from fibreglass, wood or metal and can be found amongst our company’s stock (pre-hung & ready to install). Our door specialists can also assist you if you are more interested in a custom made traditional door (great option for nailing a particular design or, if the door opening is not a standard size).


An interesting change to typical-looking entrance door styles, the craftsman style doors lean on a shaker-style look, but made from either fibreglass or authentic wood. The subtle, straight lines, is just a prelude to the usually-found large glass insert with craftsman doors. Spotting a craftsman entrance door style is easy, from either its two or three rectangular-shaped raised panels across its bottom, or the wood or black outlined panes, or a top window with stained glass. The idea behind craftsman doors is to make the views more expansive.