Solariums Equals Extension

As a homeowner, you already know that anytime you upgrade, renovate or add modern and trending additions to your home, its value increases…and adding a solarium to your home not only increases useable, square footage, it raises the value of your home. The solariums made today by our company begin with the homeowners’ design ideas, incorporating the highest quality materials and then our team of specialists provide homeowners with professional installation. Solariums can be custom made as a permanent addition to your home, or, as a stand-alone structure. As an addition, you will be able to access your new solarium from the interior of your home, as apposed to having space between your solarium and home. Many homeowners of today wisely choose to have their solarium custom made as an addition, opting for thermal performance and energy efficiency for year-round use. There are a variety of decisions to be made by you, before the design process takes place and your solarium is constructed. Will your new solarium be your new kitchen? Will it be your new home office space? Do you want a room that is flooded with natural light for an indoor garden? Are you looking to extend your entertaining space that is abundant with natural views of your backyard and sunlight/moonlight & stars? Are you hoping to enclose your swimming pool? The countless possibilities that you can consider as the purpose for your solarium, are really without any barriers!

Solariums Styles

Because our company custom makes our solariums, there is plenty of wiggle room as far as design style and materials chosen (all the while, staying within your set budget). Your new solarium can be multi-sided, rectangular or angled, with materials like wood, PVC, aluminium and steel used (everything depends on what you will use the solarium for and if it will require year-round heating and cooling. The most popular style of solariums is the all-glass, floor to ceiling and glass roof solariums as they provide the perfect environment for people who love to feel that they are in the outdoors, without actually being exposed to the outdoor elements. Even though you have a large swatch of options for your new solarium style, there are other considerations like do you need a potential building permit, which our helpful and friendly team of installation & construction experts will assist you with obtaining any information, permits & permission from your city/town, that you may require prior to construction.

Solariums Materials

There are a few choices when it comes to the materials used to construct solariums. Wood is the most expensive choice, but it is a natural material, it has a warm appearance, it is versatile for all sized constructions, it is an superb insulator of noise & heat (there are now rot-proof and exotic natural woods available), but it requires treatment and regular maintenance. Steel is strong, pleasing to the eyes, a higher quality material, is versatile for various sized constructions, but it has a low insulation factor and requires reinforced steel & anti-rust treatments (it is parallel in cost to wood). Aluminium is a great choice for its lower costs, its rigidity, almost maintenance free, a larger variety of colours & sizes, it is lightweight, but it is a conductor which will require a thermal break in the aluminium framing. The most cost-effective choice is PVC for its durability, maintenance free perk, made in various shapes, a small colour palette, is easily accessible and is a decent insulator (PVC lasts for many years).

Solariums Extras

Some of the more fun aspects of the decision-making process when it comes to new solariums, is the little extras that will make your new solarium ‘pop’ with unique styling and your own personal touches. After the style, size and materials are ascertained, and your roof type has been chosen (single slope, gable, etc.), then it is time to move on to colours, roofing materials (insulated all-glass as example), the type of glass (double-pane insulated glass, high performance glass with optional low-e and argon gas), optional glass tinting, screening frames & mesh, door type (and door hardware) & windows, locking system, weather lock and weather stripping. If you are opting for a year-round solarium that boasts both cooling and heating systems, then our team can assist with ensuring you have every base covered prior to construction beginning.