Four Season Rooms

Canadians rarely let a silly thing like weather stop them from enjoying the great outdoors, and when homeowners incorporate four season rooms into their year-long enjoyment of their homes…the possibilities are endless for usage of the extra space now created! If you are wondering what four season rooms are, then you only have to picture a sizeable room addition to your home, that can be used during the spring, summer, fall and winter! Four season rooms are more insulated (walls, floor & roof), and provide heating & cooling options through electrical that is also routed to your new four-season rooms. Increasing the square footage of your home equals more value for your home (a clever investment strategy if reselling your home is an option in the future). Our four-season rooms are basically an addition to your home that is enclosed on all 3 sides, which translates to a useable room, that is encompassed by optional floor to ceiling glass panels, glass windows, a door, a roof and screening options for the warmer months. By adding four season rooms to your home, cottage or business space, you are effectively opening-up another exclusive space that is energy efficient, and that brings the outdoors closer to you through fresh air breezes, expansive views and lots of natural light.

Utilizing Extendable Square Footage

Your newly built four season rooms can offer a smorgasbord of opportunity in the ways that this space can be utilized…a seating area & extension for entertaining guests, an indoor space for a garden of fresh flowers, herbs or spices, a full-sized home office, a potential fitness area with equipment, a larger play area for the kids and toy storage…you are only limited to your imagination! Our company is here to not only assist you through every step of the way with choosing all your options for your four-season rooms, but we can offer advice that will help you stay within your budget and ensure you are fulfilling your design ideas! From the onset of spring and straight through the winter months, you will have numerous uses for your extended square footage that protects you from the elements, but allows you to be within comfortable & enjoyable sight of weather-related elements! If facing your backyard, you have just increased your enjoyment of seeing it, from having four season rooms that can open-up via a door, and give you instant access to your yard, and provide more expansive views to it (great security feature and a great way to watch the kids and pets!).

Styles & Materials

Our reinforced vinyl that is geared for our four-season rooms is typically custom made for a vinyl-sided home (to blend in perfectly), which homeowners already know that vinyl is almost maintenance free, easy to clean, is durable from scratches & dents and is long lasting (with our welded 4-point corners). Our company also manufactures aluminum that is made with aluminium excursions, to provide the best resistance to fading, chipping, scratching and denting, for our four-season rooms. Our company offers many upgrades and additional options such as prefabricated walls with 24” insulated knee walls, or, tempered glass knee walls right to the floor (alternatively, the 24” knee walls could be constructed with 2’ x 6” wall construction with interior drywall), which will match the exterior façade of your home. The overall finished look will appear as if you added an addition with all glass walls. We are here to help with all the decisions that need to be made, to pull together your vision for your four-season rooms.

Perks Galore

It has been proven that when homeowners increase their access to the outdoors via four season rooms with ventilation options & loads of glass for sunshine to pour into the rooms, the health benefits are truly noticeable! Even during a heavy rain, the sights and sounds of it can be reversed into a tranquil highlight. You have access to some great options at your fingertips, to help you narrow down which four season rooms style is right for you and your home. There are various roofing options (super insulated roof system, gable roof, single slope roof, custom wood roof, using existing roof or glass roof panels), door and window options, colours, door handles, locking systems and glass options (single pane, double pane insulated, high performance & glass tinting). You even have a choice when it comes to your screening, from standard screens to reinforced aluminium mesh screens that are stronger.