Entrance Enclosures

Enclosure Equals Extension

The front door entrance & rear entrance enclosures provide you and your home with a multitude of pluses and perks! Not only are you going to save a noticeable amount of money with your new energy savings through better efficiency against the outdoor elements, you will be increasing the square footage of your entranceway (by extending your home to encompass entrance enclosures). Our company values our customers needs for being able to utilize the functionality potential of every inch of their homes…and incorporating entrance enclosures creates a small area that can host coats & shoes, a small seating area and even a means to increasing lots of natural light and fresh air flow into the home by opening the entrance doors themselves. The upsides of adding entrance enclosures to your home is a wise investment and a smart upgrade! There are options available that can boost your entrance enclosures to be energy efficient in all seasons too (talk about real energy savings and great extension into the outdoors!). Trending with homeowners currently is tapping into ‘useable spaces’, and getting the most from their properties as possible (which is precisely what entrance enclosures provides!). The words ‘mud room’ has once again become important & popular phrase for homeowners of today.

Enclosure Styles

Our team of enclosure specialists can assist you with choosing a style that boasts vertical sliding windows, horizontal sliding windows, glass options, door selection options, a vast palette of colour choices, screening, aluminium or vinyl and roofing if needed. Because there are an in-depth variety of choices when it comes to entrance enclosures that are custom made to fit your specific home’s measurements, our helpful team can provide you with sound advice, while assisting you to stay within your budget. Shapes and styles of entrance enclosures can be modified to suit your needs or your own design, so you are not restricted by how your finished product will look and function. Nowadays, porch enclosures are made to be sleeker looking, with optional 2” wide posts between glass, and aluminium frames are made of thicker extrusions.

Enclosure Materials

Generally, our entrance enclosures are made from durable & long-lasting vinyl or, extruded aluminium that has a factory baked on enamel paint finish, and are manufactured by using storm doors with double hung, sliding or fixed windows (with optional single, double or triple pane glass), with full-screening options. Whether you choose vinyl entrance enclosures or aluminium entrance enclosures, you will have a lot of options to help you to narrow down which style would function better for you and which style design (or custom design) would enhance your home. Gone are the days of seeing screws everywhere, now they are barely visible to the eyes and are situated at the top and bottom only (styles are interlocked and screwed metal to metal), which doubles down to ensure your entrance enclosures are not shifting or leaking. You can opt for a simplistic storm door, an addition with a sidelite installed in front of the main door, or, go all out and create a dimensionally generous fully enclosed entrance enclosures area with a roof (a mud room or an entrance room). The panels of our entrance enclosures are made for interlocking for added strength, not the traditional external ‘H’ couplers. Our beautiful line of entrance enclosures is unique, and our company has addressed water seepage issues, which are now a thing of the past, as our manufacturing processes extend the life expectancy, because we are able to bypass the process of exterior parameter after-install sealant.

Enclosure Extras

Self-install entrance enclosures are now easier to work with than you may think, you receive our all ready-made wall sections and included are simplistic ‘one way only’ to assemble instructions, taking the guess work out of assembly and installation! If you are handy and love those DIY projects around your home, then you do have the opportunity to go with a kit (pre-assembled) and install your entrance enclosures yourself. The interior and exterior finished product will not only enhance your new, expansive views to the outside world, but entrance enclosures also add fresh air ventilation perks, allow loads of natural sunlight to flood entrance areas of homes and block unwanted drafts that may have previously battered your entrance doors. Other little enclosure extras you can absorb into your design are optional tempered glass, insulated knee-walls or kick plates, in-swing doors, customized sills, sliding doors to save on space in smaller areas, transoms and sidelites, hardware & security options and much more!