Screen Rooms

Whether you have an already existing roof over an entranceway, or you wish to construct an addition to encompass your entranceways to your home, you have plenty of options to enclose this new space! Screen rooms are highly beneficial to homeowners who want full-panel screens that allow fresh air flow and natural light into your enclosed area. Screen rooms are perfect for keeping insects out, through the use of our high-grade screening material that is manufactured to be durable to the weather elements, and strong (our screen/mesh panels resist corrosion and sagging). The perks of having a screened-in enclosure are numerous, from being able to sit and enjoy ‘people-watching’ from your front entrance, or, take in expansive views of your backyard from the rear entrance of your home. For homeowners that appreciate being able to be hands-on and enjoy do-it-yourself projects, we do offer our customers screen rooms kits. Homeowners can have the opportunity to make their screen rooms temporary or a permanent style installation. The choices and options are plentiful for homeowners, that finally want to have entrance spaces work and function to match their lifestyles!

Utilizing Extendable Square Footage

Our company knows just how much Canadians love to have enjoyable access to the outdoors, and this is exactly what screen rooms provide…a protected bug-free shelter, that allows homeowners to extend the square footage from the main entrance door of their home, or the back entrance of your home. You do not have to worry if you do not already have an existing roof line, our company can offer you 3-sided enclosures that work with the fronting square footage you already do have. We can work with you should you wish to enclose a patio, front alcove or build a new enclosure that will accommodate screen rooms that have the potential to be flipped into 3 season rooms! Our friendly staff is here to help you every step of the way with your decisions on screen rooms and any upgrades you may want to incorporate into your design down the road for your home.

Styles & Materials

When considering three season rooms, you will be offered state-of-the-art prefabricated aluminium wall systems or vinyl wall systems, that incorporate single glass, sliding & fixed windows with screens, and the roof will be the same materials and high quality that we employ for our four seasons rooms. There are many upgrades and additional options such as prefabricated walls with 24” insulated knee walls, or, tempered glass knee walls right to the floor (alternatively, the 24” knee walls could be Through the innovation of utilizing aluminium for our framing and lightweight aluminium mesh (invisible to the eye…painted black aluminium mesh deflects glare) for screen rooms, homeowners can have the screened-in ‘porch’ or ‘patio’ that they desire, at a fraction of the price point. The great news is, when you opt for screen rooms for your home, you always have the option to upgrade and convert to 3-season rooms, that is still cost effective and can be used three seasons of the year! Our powder-coated finished 3 1/8-inch extruded aluminium frames exceed structural integrity for building codes, and our finishes guard against fading, chipping, scratching and peeling. We offer our customers a neutral colour palette to ensure homeowners can coordinate with the existing colours of their home. When considering roofing options, our company offers single slope, gable and under existing (roofing material choices will be dictated by your decision to keep your screen rooms just summer friendly, or, if you will upgrade your screen rooms to 3 season rooms or even 4 season rooms in the future).

Perks Galore

If you decide to move forward with screen rooms for your home, and ideally want to upgrade them at some point down the road (knowing this upfront does help to save you money at the time of the upgrade process), then you will have a smart investment that utilizes extra square footage beautifully, and increases the value of your home. By enclosing square footage with screen rooms, you will begin to sense all the potential perks to having a great, enclosed space! Imagine being able to replace your screen rooms with solid glass panels, functional windows and a door…now you have a space that is useable three months of the year or, all year around. Four season rooms are highly popular with Canadians as it provides the ability to increase useable square footage, install heat & cooling options and make the area more energy efficient (lots of natural light, fresh air breezes and the potential for another room is very attractive to homeowners!). Another insulated room could potentially be used as an extended entertainment space, a home office, a playroom for children, an indoor garden or any of the other numerous options you can think of to personalize this space.