Patio Covers

Our company ‘has you covered’ when it comes to assisting you in choosing the right patio covers, that will compliment your home and your lifestyle! Many Canadians love to use their outdoor spaces, which can come to a sudden halt due to not-so-pleasant weather conditions. With patio covers, you can have the shelter you need while on your patio or deck, without compromising airy breezes, sunny days and open-concept space. Patio covers are just that…a cost-effective solution to providing ‘roof-like’ protection while utilizing your patio (great for winter time BBQ guru’s!). Patio covers are versatile in both function and design…meaning, they can be constructed to span many feet wide, with the upgrading of larger beams and posts to offset any larger areas. It is important for homeowners to know that our patio covers are totally customizable, so you, the homeowner, can decide and have full control over sunlight filtration exposure.

Positive Protection

Its always a good time to become handy around your home, and if you are happier doing-it-yourself, then working with your new patio covers will be a fun experience. Attaching a patio cover to your home should basically begin with attaching it to the roof fascia, with gutter sections removed so the flashing can be installed (this creates a waterproof bridge between the roof of your house and the patio cover roof). The patio cover comes with a built-in gutter, so any water moving off the roof will be attended to as if you did not remove any sections of gutters. Another standard approach is under the soffit and roof mounting to securing new patio covers. The final result will be positive (and healthier) protection from weather elements and harmful UV rays from the sun.

Styles & Materials

There are a quality selection and styles of patio covers offered to you by our company, as we know homeowners’ personal styles vary, and their needs are diverse for patio protection. The main choices of materials that you have access to are glass patio covers, acrylic patio covers, aluminium frame patio covers, wood frame patio covers’ and cathedral/classic style patio covers (if you have a pergola, we can ‘cover’ that too!). Glass patio covers provide homeowners with great exposure to sunlight, but constant protection from wet elements like snow or rain (clean, smooth and elegant looking). Acrylic patio covers allow natural light to pass through, but shades from UV rays and the heat of the sun, so a more natural shade from direct sunlight and are durable against different weather elements (unlike plastic patio covers that degrade over time). Our aluminium frame glass patio covers are designed and manufactured to withstand our Canadian climates, including winter and summer. The more popular choice for many homeowners (especially if there are wood details around the home) is our wood frame patio covers (a hybrid solution that is derived from a fusion of lightweight and secure aluminium frame with wood posts & beams, which resembles a gorgeous authentic wood-constructed pergola. Also, popular for homeowners is classic style patio covers (a single sloped cover that is matched with the homes existing roof line), and cathedral style patio covers (typically chosen when the roof line leaves little head space, so we vault the ceiling and provide you with more height to your outdoor patio space…great option for taller people too!).

Plenty of Perks

Some of the optional ‘extras’ can provide even more perks to your already ideal patio covers. You can enhance your new patio covers by incorporating various tints, shapes, support systems and framing material like vinyl. For homeowners that do have pergolas, but are unhappy with the lacking shade & rain protection they provide on their own, our company can assist with our pergola sun shades. The perks that accompany patio covers is long, but when it comes to Canadian weather, you will want to ensure that your cost-effective investment will work hard for you and enhance your time spent outdoors. Our heavy gauge aluminium patio covers are affixed to either the fascia under the soffit or mounted via the roof. This is to allow your homes gutter system to continue to work efficiently. With our acrylic patio covers, you have colour choices (like clear, bronze, heatstop cool blue, cool white, heatstop pearl and solar). Another perk is your ability to integrate a skylight with aluminium patio covers.