Frameless Enclosures

Frameless equals unobstructed ‘open concept’…a trending innovation that is making homeowners smile! A smooth, visual transition between the outside world and the interior of your home, and this is just the beginning to the long list of enjoyable benefits of frameless enclosures! The frameless enclosures that we offer our customers are started with a personal, custom design, with numerous options to ensure that our frameless enclosures are a ‘perfect fit’ and gorgeously appealing. There are several configurations that we can offer to you, as we can work with a variety of angles that we can perfectly seal, and provide full closure. Imagine…the full width of the wall that faces out to your beautiful back yard being replaced by frameless enclosures, providing you and your family unobstructed full views via fixed or functioning glass panels! The opportunities for frameless enclosures does not stop with your home, our friendly team of specialists can also provide the same, distinguished frameless enclosures to your business or getaway cottage.

Enclosure Styles

Our company offers frameless enclosures with fixed panels of glass (replacing solid walls) and side-by-side sliding full-glass door system on tracks for complete indoor/outdoor access. Glass panel sizes vary, but keeping in mind the larger they are, the heavier they are. Basically, our specialists take the width of the proposed area and divide it into equal sized panels (recommendations stand at between 22 inches and 33 inches, but we can go down as far as 18 inches and as wide as 34 inches). There are no minimum height requirements (recommended at least 2-foot 6 inch), but our glass panels for frameless enclosures can reach up to 9 feet 2 inches tall (this height is due to the absence of traditional framing). Whether you choose a retractable & operational glass panels system, or a fixed glass panels system, you will be making a wise investment into your home and increasing its value (not to mention the sheer enjoyment that frameless enclosures bring to homeowners!).

Enclosure Materials

Frameless enclosures are made up of glass panels without traditional frames, and can flood your room with unlimited amounts of natural light & provide expansive and outstanding views to the outside world. For the frameless glass door system, the glass doors simply and freely slide and stack at a 90-degree angle neatly on the side (opening to either to the inside or to the outside, with each individual panel sliding left or right). Our customers have total control over each panel, to be partially open, or, to open or close the entire system. Having the ability to allow full-wall natural light come pouring into your home, cottage or business, is a health perk, especially during the winter months when sunlight is lessened.

Enclosure Extras

As with any of our products, our company has a full line of locking mechanisms, with our standard being two deadbolts that lock at both the top and the bottom of the first opening panel (having a dual purpose of heightened security and keeping true to no obstructions). The same can be said about the absence of floating handles, which would also disrupt the smooth flow of our frameless enclosures. Alternatively, we can offer you a handle with key entry access from the outside, or, an individual lock for each panel. The track colours can be customized, or chosen from our standard stock (silver/aluminium, black, bronze or white). The glass panels are also available with options, like tinting to deflect some of the rays of the sun. Clear glass is our standard colour for glass panels (with Low-e that is tempered & laminated with polished edges), but we can also incorporate light blue, light grey, green, light bronze and a reflective bronze. When you are considering enclosing a useable space (thus an extension of square footage that can be utilized), and you opt for frameless enclosures made of all glass panels, you have just ‘opened-up’ your indoor world to the outdoor world. This open concept design enhances a deck, patio or porch space substantially, and for Canadians that love all four seasons, this is a win-win situation. There are glass upgrades and weather stripping options to make this new configuration more energy efficient, and block the outside elements.