Porch Enclosures

Enclosure Equals Extension

The idea behind new and improved porch enclosures that are trending right now, all comes down to saving homeowners money through heightened energy efficiency, and enhancing the potential of higher value of their property, for a future resale perspective. Our company understands fully how Canadians love to maximize square footage, and incorporate more functional purposes to otherwise wasted spaces. The words ‘mud room’ has once again become important & popular for homeowners of today, which are basically porch enclosures that protect additional square footage at the entrance to a home. By enclosing valuable square footage, homeowners now have additional protection for their entrance doors from the weather elements, create a useable space as an extension for their home, allow for more natural light and fresh air flow into the home and provide an additional barrier for security and safety. The upsides of adding porch enclosures to your home is a wise investment and a smart upgrade! There are options available that can boost your porch enclosures to be energy efficient in all seasons too (talk about real energy savings!).

Enclosure Styles

Your imagination will play a big part on the style of porch enclosures, as they are now manufactured to be able to be installed in ‘less than perfect’ or off squared areas through versatile designs of our adjustable corner posts. Our team of enclosure specialists can assist you with choosing a style that boasts vertical sliding windows, horizontal sliding windows, glass options, door selection options, a vast palette of colour choices, screening, aluminium & vinyl and roofing if needed. Nowadays, porch enclosures are made to be more streamline, with optional 2” wide posts between glass, and aluminium frames are made of thicker extrusions. Gone are the days of seeing screws everywhere, now they are barely visible to the eyes and are situated at the top and bottom only (styles are interlocked and screwed metal to metal), which doubles down on strength and them not shifting or leaking. Whether you choose vinyl porch enclosures or aluminium porch enclosures, you will have a lot of options to help you to narrow down which style would function better for you and which style design (or custom design) would enhance your home.

Enclosure Materials

Much of the materials used for porch enclosures is made up of either vinyl or aluminium, with glass panes, glass windows & screens. The actual materials used will be dictated on which type of porch enclosures you wish to create, as porch enclosures is a term that covers an expansive range of products, applications and final results. You can opt for a simplistic storm door, an addition with a sidelite installed in front of the main door, or, go all out and create a dimensionally generous fully enclosed area with a roof (a mud room or an entrance room). The panels of porch enclosures should be interlocking for added strength, not the traditional external ‘H’ couplers. Our beautiful line of porch enclosures is unique, and we have addressed water seepage issues, which are now a thing of the past, as our manufacturing processes extend the life expectancy of porch enclosures, because we are able to bypass the process of exterior parameter after-install sealant. Strength (extruded aluminium framing), durability, security and beauty are the result when homeowners ‘step into’ their new porch enclosures!

Enclosure Extras

If you are handy and love those DIY projects around your home, then you do have the opportunity to go with a kit (pre-assembled) and install your porch enclosures yourself. Self-install is now easier than you may think, you get ready made wall sections and with simples ‘only one way’ to assemble, taking the guess work out of assembly and installation! Other little enclosure extras you can absorb into your design are optional tempered glass, insulated knee-walls or kick plates, in-swing doors, customized sills, sliding doors to save on space in smaller areas, transoms and sidelites, hardware & security options and much more. Having porch enclosures custom made ensures the best results, no two homes have the exact same measurements, right down to considering the landscaping grade for water run off with your new porch enclosure. The interior and exterior finished product will not only enhance your new, expansive views to the outside world, but porch enclosures also add fresh air ventilation perks, allow loads of natural sunlight to flood entrance areas of homes and block unwanted drafts that may have previously battered your entrance doors.