Patio Enclosures Ajax


Patio Enclosures Ajax

You have started in the right direction if you are a homeowner and you are considering patio enclosures Ajax for your home. It is an exciting time to ‘entertain’ the thoughts of using the extended outside square footage of your patio, and by enclosing it, extending the square footage of the interior of your home! This is a win-win situation for you, as any addition will be a smart investment and increase the value of your home (ideal strategy for the potential of a future resale!). Consider for a moment how your current (or new build) patio looks…now imagine it as an completely enclosed space…how will you utilize it? Will you gear it for extended entertaining space? A new home office? A larger play area for the kids? The possibilities at hand are numerous, so your best foot forward would be to know in advance how you want to use the space, and our friendly team of patio enclosures Ajax specialists can help you with the next few steps, work within your established budget and get you all the way to the exciting installation process to full set-up!

Patio Enclosures Styles

There are a multitude of patio enclosures Ajax styles, all made of different shapes, sizes and materials. Our company creates, with our homeowners, custom made patio enclosures, so you can really roll up your sleeves and begin thinking about your design strategy. You now know how you want your new patio enclosure to function for you, but is it a simple patio cover for more shade? Are you thinking solarium that is enclosed with glass on all sides and a glass roof? Are you hoping for a three-season useable enclosure with glass, door and operational windows? Would a four seasons/all year long sunroom with insulation/heating & cooling work best for you? If you are just thinking about enclosing in your patio with a frame & screening, then we can do that for you too! Once you have ascertained how your new patio enclosure is going to work best for you, then its time to choose the right materials to get the job done! Patio enclosures Ajax materials individually perform with different pros and cons, and some of the resulting patio enclosure materials will be dictated by the exterior façade of the home, roof structure, dimensions of the enclosure, and its overall anticipated functionality.

Patio Enclosures Materials

Aluminium: Cost effective, high rigidity, low maintenance, variable colour palette & sizes, lightweight and durable to the elements, with longevity.
Vinyl: Highly durable, cost effective, maintenance free, resistant to mold, cracking, peeling, corrosion & denting, rich colour palette and can be manufactured to resemble wood or metal, with exceptional longevity.
Wood: Higher price point, versatile, higher maintenance, versatile, strong, natural material, insulator of noise & heat and can be treated to repel rotting, with lasting lifespan with proper care.
Steel: Versatile, durable, strong, high quality material, low maintenance, low insulating factors, requires treatments to resist rusting and is manufactured with a great colour selection, with longevity.
Glass: There is single glass panels (good for three seasons) and double glass panels (good for four seasons through energy efficient insulators) …optional extras include glass tinting, low-e and interchangeable glass for screens.
Screens: Highly durable aluminium mesh that is painted black (invisible to the eyes) to increase protection against UV rays, and manufactured using high-grade mesh that stands up to all weather elements and extend the lifespan of the screens (these screens resist sagging & corrosion).

Patio Enclosures Extras

Self-installation is now easier than you may think, you get ready made wall sections and with simple ‘only one way’ instructions to assemble, taking the guess work out of assembly and installation! If you are handy and love those DIY projects around your home, then you do have the opportunity to go with a kit (pre-assembled) and install your patio enclosures Ajax yourself, or, obtain the expertise of a professional installer. Other little patio enclosure benefits you can tweak into your design are optional tempered glass, insulated knee-walls or kick plates, in-swing doors, customized sills, sliding doors to save on space in smaller areas, transoms and sidelites, hardware & security options and much more! You are going to save a noticeable amount of money with your new energy savings through better efficiency against the outdoor elements, when you opt for a new patio enclosure!