Storm Doors Style

A smorgasbord of opportunity awaits, when you begin to consider the vast number of storm door styles! No matter what your specific tastes are in design features, there is a storm door that will meet (or exceed) your vision for your new storm door. Some examples of styles available through our company are modern, Victorian, traditional, French, vintage, urbanite chic, classic, rustic and more. Depending on the type of material that you wish your storm door to be made from, will help you greatly in narrowing down your choices, as some materials cannot adhere to certain design styles. Our helpful door experts can assist you with all important information about storm doors styles, and which ones would work best for your home. With a Canadian climate to consider, functionality and appeal, you can be rest assured that you will have plenty of storm door styles to choose from, to pick and purchase that perfect storm door.

Quality Materials

Wood storm door materials is the all-time favorite for homeowners because they can be coated with paint, veneer or stain (to protect it from the elements), is lightweight and wood is versatile with design options. Aluminium storm doors materials have certain advantages over wood, such as they do not need painting, they are corrosion resistant and stands up against outdoor elements well. PVC storm doors materials are now made to be more durable, corrosion resistant, hosts a strong steel frame internally for extra rigidity, they can stand up against the elements beautifully and have a longer lifespan. Fibreglass storm doors are ‘copycat’ looking to wood storm doors, with textured & wood grain appeal, these are ideal for homeowners that want strength, zero maintenance, better resistance to UV ray damage & discolouring and no peeling, cracking, rotting or warping.

Additional Options

Combining a full view glass panel and an interchangeable full screen panel is the more popular choice with homeowners, especially when the front entrance door of your home is a beautifully chosen door that has curb appeal (you may not wish to cover that with a multi-panel storm door that has breaks in the centre). You can have additional options with your storm door styles, including weather stripping (ideal for encouraging a tighter seal against the elements), various colour palette to help merge your design ideas, unique hardware and open/close hardware. Your chosen storm door style can become an expressive piece to add ‘pop’ to your home or, made more functional by way of energy efficiency.