Storm Door Materials

Storm doors are a highly useful, energy savings type of door that many Canadians rely on during the colder and warmer months. Fitted in front of an entrance door, storm doors can have a full-screen, a full-glass panel or both a half screen and half glass panel. The purpose of storm doors is to let in natural light and air flow in the warmer months, and in the colder months, block biting winter winds and moisture from the entrance door. There are numerous modern and traditional types and styles of storm doors, that are made from several materials. Our company’s storm doors specialists are here to assist you in choosing the right storm doors for your home.


Wood storm door materials is the all-time favorite for homeowners because they can be coated with paint, veneer or stain (to protect it from the elements), is lightweight with a full-screen and one-inch thick frame (full-glass panel must have a thicker frame to accommodate its weight, which makes it more rigid) and wood is versatile with design options. Storm doors are more energy efficient when proper weather stripping is applied.


Aluminium storm doors materials have certain advantages over wood, such as they do not need painting, they are corrosion resistant, we manufacture them at various thicknesses (to accommodate interchangeable screens & glass panels), and the thicker the aluminium storm is, the stronger it will be. Aluminium does stand up against outdoor elements well, without the issues that can be present with wood storm doors (fading, rotting, warping, etc.).


PVC storm doors materials are now made to be more durable, corrosion resistant, hosts a strong steel frame internally for extra rigidity, they can stand up against the elements beautifully and have a longer lifespan. PVC storm doors materials are manufactured in such a way, that the corners are welded, which prevents them from falling apart or coming apart, which can happen with aluminium. PVC (sometimes called vinyl) does not have to be painted, as you can order your factory finish in several popular colours.


The perks of fibreglass storm doors materials are their ‘copycat’ look to wood storm doors, with textured & wood grain appeal, these are ideal for homeowners that want strength (extruded PVC), zero maintenance, better resistance to UV ray damage & discolouring and no peeling, cracking, rotting or warping. Once again, the thicker the door, the stronger it will be and thus extending its longevity.