Aluminum Storm Doors

A door for your door…that basically is what a storm door is…a shield to protect your entrance doors. Aluminium storm doors are commonly used because they can be made to address energy efficiency (the core can be solid or foam). Our company knows that Canadians face three different climate zones and this lends to our commitment to our customers, to provide the very best quality & performing storm doors. Aluminium storm doors can have a solid bottom with a glass panel at the top, or, one full-glass panel, which is interchangeable with screens during the warmer months when air flow, natural light and blocking insects is desired. Another highlight of aluminium storm doors is their cost effectiveness in comparison to wood storm doors and their longevity. Aluminium storm doors are lightweight enough, that they are easy to store if you should want to remove it during better weather months. Many of our customers agree that using aluminium storm doors has many pros (like their ability to maintain their strength when the temperature drops) and very few cons (the only downside to aluminium is its susceptibility to higher temperatures, with its high heat conductivity, heat weakens it somewhat).

Trending & Traditional Styles

Modern…classic…traditional…contemporary…minimalist…urban…rustic…the gorgeous styles of aluminium storm doors are at your fingertips! Through our stock and custom made aluminium storm doors, you can really create a unique storm door style, that enhances the front door of your home! You can choose between a full-glass panel, a full-screen panel, a half glass pane with solid bottom, or, a half glass & half screen combination. A full-screen panel and a full-glass panel can be made to be interchangeable (so a full-glass panel in the colder months and a full-screen panel in the warmer months). You can even opt to have a solid panel of aluminium for your storm door, with a massive selection of decorative accents. Treating your aluminium storm doors with painting them, does increase their strength by a small margin, and, a small nic or scratch can easily be touched up down the road.

Quality Material

Some of our aluminium storm doors are manufactured with recycled aluminium, as our company is environmentally proactive! Aluminium has, in the past, considered to be one of the more softer metals, but through innovative techniques, our aluminium storm doors are very strong, resistant to corrosion and can be colour-changed by anodizing and finishing with paint (grinding or polishing are options too). The list of perks does not end there…aluminium has a fantastic characteristic that sets it apart from other storm doors materials…it is far simpler to carry out a repair like removing a scratch (a simple buff and paint touch up will do the trick nicely!). Because of the easy of finishing our quality selection of aluminium storm doors, changing up and upgrading the interior & exterior look has never been easier for homeowners who enjoy doing things themselves!

Additional Options

With so many style possibilities all within arms reach, you can consider other additional options that our company offers. Decorative hardware pieces that continue the flow of your detailed storm doors design is just the beginning. You can incorporate bars, grilles, steel mesh and other metal decorative pieces into your aluminium storm doors! Our company can custom make your aluminium storm door, should your entrance door to your home be of an unusual shape, not standard dimensions, arched or equipped with transoms and/or sidelites. Our door experts are ready to assist you with picking out the perfect aluminium storm doors, arranging the right colour strategy and hanging position (hinges placement for open/closing functions). To better serve your home for energy efficiency, you can apply a good quality weather stripping all around the perimeter of your storm doors, to help in blocking air and moisture from reaching your main front door (acting like a weather elements shield). You even have options when it comes to the type of glass you can use in your aluminium storm doors, like decorative features, adding low-e or tinting, or having the glass shaped or beveled…your only limited to your imagination (but we will help you to stay on track with your design ideas and more importantly, your budget!).