PVC Storm Doors

Our company goes the extra mile when it comes to strategically implementing eco-friendly opportunities, which is apparent with our line of PVC storm doors. There is quite a list of perks to having PVC storm doors, like its extremely low maintenance factors, its long-lasting life (50 + years minimally and PVC is even recyclable after it reaches its end of efficiency, talk about eco-friendly!), and it is a less expensive option for homeowners that want to stay within a desireable budget. PVC undercuts the overall prices of all metal and wood storm doors, making them the more popular choice with homeowners, and, PVC creates a much smaller carbon footprint, which is great news for the environment! Diverse, strong, cost effective and stylish, our PVC storm doors are available either by stock or we can custom make your perfect, ideal storm doors.

Trending & Traditional Styles

Exploring your options with PVC storm doors is considered highly fun by homeowners that love diversity in styles and colour choices, and that is precisely what our company provides to our customers! Thinking about how a storm door is placed in front of your existing front entrance door, you may wish to continue showing off your entrance door style, or, you may like to change up the entire look of your front entrance for all seasons! Armed with a smorgasbord of options and styles, you can first consider if you want your new storm door to have a full view without obstruction via glass panel, or, do you simply wish to use a storm door for fresh air flow into your home via a full screen storm door? A full glass panel and a full screen panel are nowadays interchangeable, should this option appeal to you (use the glass in the colder months and use the screen in the warmer months). You can even have access to both, with screen insert in half the storm door and two glass panels…these are just some of the variations you have to choose from. Then, you are ready to match your chosen style, frame style & colours to further enhance your new screen door design.

Quality Material

Polyvinyl chloride (abbreviated to PVC) is made up of a synthetic plastic polymer, which in turn provides a strong, weather resistant material that is perfectly suited for use with storm doors and even entrance doors. Our company manufactures PVC storm doors to be rigid, hard and durable, which has proven to be an excellent and flexible material for the use of mechanical and other mechanisms used with all doors. PVC can be finished in such a way that it resembles a wood finish (grain textures and all), without the high cost that accompanies authentic wood. Our resilient PVC storm doors do not fade with sunlight, do not rust, is resilient to chemicals, weather elements like wind & rain/snow and corrosion. PVC is also easier to mend/fix than other types of storm doors materials like wood, aluminium, steel or fibreglass. Another great feature of PVC storm doors are their welded corners, unlike other materials like metals and wood, these welded corners do not come apart, go out of square or separate (the absence of screws in the corners, PVC avoids that natural wear and tear factor).

Additional Options

You are not restricted when it comes to your new PVC storm doors, you have choices with glass designs with full view glass panels, stylish handles (some options offer keyed deadbolts) for both with exterior & interior, various frame colours and closers that are trending to provide smoother functionality and a touch button (One-Touch closer) that holds the door open. You can opt for an upgrade with screen permanent positioning with a rollscreen, that rolls up and down by a dowel located in the top of a glass panel. There are also two colour-matched closers that gives a smoother closing action…the list is quite literally, almost endless for additional options outside of a standard PVC storm door. As you have read, the ongoing perks to PVC storm doors outweigh other materials that are used for storm doors, a wise investment that will last for many years and are virtually maintenance free!