Fiberglass Storm Doors

Many homeowners want to incorporate rich woods into their overall designs, interior décor and outdoor spaces & entranceways…and this is where ‘mocking’ fibreglass storm doors are growing in popularity! Fibreglass storm doors look just like wood, they are textured like wood and can reflect designer finish colours just like wood. There is a healthy list of benefits that fibreglass can offer that you cannot get with wood, such as price tags, fibreglass is cost effective…much less than wood storm doors. The amount of choices of styles is quite extensive, as our company strives to give our customers plenty of leeway with customizable options too. If you are not sure what a storm door is, you can think of it as a door that is hung in front of your entrance door, acting as a shield against weather or as a ventilating option for fresh air. With Canadian weather (sometimes in the extremes with temperatures and moisture), storm doors are the perfect solution for adding even more energy savings, by acting as a blocker of the elements, before reaching your main door. On the flip side, these doors also act as a great source of fresh air flow in the warmer months, especially if your entrance door is a solid door with no ventilation options.

Trending & Traditional Styles

Our company can provide you with over 30 different fibreglass storm doors options in various styles and colours, and, we can even provide you with custom made services. Fibreglass storm doors have 3 basic functions, full view (full length glass panel that is interchangeable with a full screen), ventilating (two glass panels & one to two screen panels in the storm door at the same time – moving the glass up to expose the screen, down to block the screen) and rollscreen (the screen is connected to the top glass panel of the storm door, which can be rolled down for ventilation or, rolled up via a dowel for a full view storm door). Once you have determined how you want your fibreglass storm doors to function, then its onto choosing what style meets your own style preference. Some styles that you will see with our stock storm doors are full view, which shows off your already gorgeous entrance door, full view with grid patterns, half and half (half glass panels & half solid panels) and much more. Whether you are attracted to sleek, crisp designs, old fashioned ‘farmhouse feel’ or urbanite chic, there is a style that will appeal to you and enhance the front entranceway of your home.

Quality Material

Our line of fibreglass storm doors possesses exceptional durability, they require little to no maintenance and have long lasting life. The higher quality fibreglass that we offer our customers does not behave like wood (even though they look like gorgeous oak or mahogany or other species of wood), they will not decay, warp, dent, scratch easily, shrink or stretch. Our manufacturing process uses a technology called Accugrain, which mimics the grains found in natural wood. Adding finishes like stain or polyurethane can further add strength and durability to your new fibreglass storm doors. Because of the durability of fibreglass storm doors, homeowners only need to touch up exterior finishes after long periods of time exposed to the outdoor elements (the repeated exposure to cold and heat via the sun, can dull the finish of a fibreglass storm door over years).

Additional Options

Additional options for our fibreglass storm doors include glass choices, hardware choices, security options and additional weather stripping for maximum energy efficiency. You can tailor make your fibreglass storm door to accentuate your existing entrance door by choosing wood-friendly hardware, staining colour palette that blends with the exterior of your home, or, use your new storm door as a feature piece that adds curb appeal! Our friendly team of door specialists can help guide you on styles and colours that would work well for your home, and depending on your climate zone, offer helpful advice on how to ensure the best tight fit via weather stripping and hinge hanging ideas (sometimes you want your door to open & close against directional breezes that are consistent). Other additional options are choices with heavy duty hinges, hydraulic or pneumatic closers vs. springs and chains and keyed locks, just to name a few.