Entrance Door Materials

The first point of your home that catches people’s eyes is your entrance door, which some homeowners want their entrance door to compliment the architecture of their home and its overall personality. There are four main materials that you have as options, which all can be crafted, and custom made by our company, to suit your personal tastes and goals.

Wood Doors

Wood entrance doors are attractive, warm and inviting and the good news is…they are now manufactured with the use of wood laminates which makes them more resistant to warping & wood veneer panels where insulation can be injected between the panels giving these doors better insulation qualities, and require regular maintenance (painting, stain or varnish will extend the life of wooden doors).

Fibreglass Doors

Fibreglass doors are ideal in climates with regular changes in temperature, they are moulded around a polyurethane core which aids in resistance to cold and damage from impact. Fibreglass doors have a ‘wood look’ because of their natural grains from moulding techniques, and when stained or other wood finishes are used, these doors look authentically wooden, they are easily maintained and are energy efficient when weather stripping is used.

Steel Doors

Steel doors are a favourite among homeowners for their versatility, strength, longevity, low maintenance and can accommodate a custom design of decorative windows. Steel entrance doors are cost effective in comparison to other materials, and with no windows present, they are impressive with their higher insulating factors (with magnetic weather stripping, these doors provide an air-tight seal).

PVC Doors

PVC entrance doors are a top choice for their corrosion & elements resistance, their lightweight material that is reinforcement with steel in the interior makes them rigid and strong, along with less heat loss & heightened energy efficiency (low maintenance is a big perk too!). PVC doors have long life expectancy, which is ideal for homeowners that desire to have a quality door that will last!

Full Glass Doors

Full glass doors have some pros (like flooding your foyer in natural light) and cons (like lack of privacy). There are numerous styles and additional options that you can choose, to enhance questionable issues. You can opt to increase the durability, energy efficiency and privacy of your full glass entrance doors, like choosing frosted glass for lots of light but heightened privacy, adding sidelites or transoms and double paned glass for more security and increased energy efficiency.