Steel Entrance Doors

Savings…security…style…these three things are a top priority for homeowners and steel entrance doors covers these criteria beautifully! In comparison to other entrance doors materials (wood, fibreglass & PVC), steel doors are attractive in the sense they always have a positive return on investment and add substantial value to any home! This is ideal, because you don’t only want a great entrance door that is pleasing to the eye, warm and inviting, you want savings, energy efficiency and better safety & security. Resistant to the outside elements, steel doors really do stand above the rest when it comes to performance, and their low-maintenance factors are a big hit with homeowners too! A steel door does not have to look like a steel door, you can opt-in for steel doors that look like they are made of wood, or, order your steel door painted in a unique colour…there really is a lot of fun to be had when choosing new steel entrance doors, and the list of perks just keeps growing! There really is only one downside to steel doors, and that is they do not fair well to hard impacts that would cause dents in the steel (the dent cannot be corrected with a simple fix and would therefore remain on your door unless it was replaced with a new steel door).

Trending & Traditional Styles

Every homeowner is different, with various tastes and diverse architecture that makes up their homes. This is why, which you have probably noticed by now, there seems to be so many styles with steel entrance doors, nowadays, the demand for both traditional and trending styles have to be in abundance to keep up with growing popularity (this is where our company excels!). We cater to various tastes like urban eclectic, modern farmhouse, classic, industrial, craftsman, transitional, contemporary, hybrid (different external & internal) and modern. You can opt for a factory finished steel entrance door or a paintable steel door, or, even go with a wood finish interior or exterior. Upon scanning over the numerous styles of steel doors, you will be truly amazed at the wealth of diverse patterns and interesting panel and glass combinations that our company strives to provide to you! We have single doors, single doors with 1 sidelite, single doors with 2 sidelites and double doors. There is the chance to combine ventilation units into your steel entrance doors for fresh air flow, which enhances your interior entranceway.

Quality Material

Most steel entrance doors are manufactured to possess R-values, which range between R-5 to R-6 generally, without any windows or glass panes (if adding glass, this drops the energy efficiency of the steel door). A steel door, for example, can be 1 ½ inches thick and without any glass, can provide up to five times more insulating value that a solid wood door that is the same size…that is a huge energy savings! Our steel entrance doors are manufactured with insulating polyurethane foam on the inside, with galvanized steel panels on either side over a wooden structure, which makes these doors strong, durable and if installed correctly with magnetic weather stripping (our door installation team can help you through this process), these doors become thermally efficient and air tight. Our manufacturing process begins with best quality, raw materials (hot dipped galvanized steel skin, 24 or 22 gauge & folded at a 90-degree angle on head & bottom rail level to offer precision assembling and rigidity to the doors panel).

Additional Options

Although solid steel entrance doors are the most energy efficient, you have amazing options at your fingertips, to incorporate prefinished steel with gorgeous glass panes. Part of the fun of picking out a new steel entrance door is the big opportunity to switch up your style and update how you want your door to look & function. Having natural light pouring into the entranceway of your home is a perfect accompaniment to any steel door, especially if you do not mind trading off a bit of energy efficiency for this perk. With a whole slew of glass pane(s) options, you can create a custom-made door for your entranceway, or, choose one of our beautiful stock steel entrances doors.