Fiberglass Entrance Doors

There are many key benefits to fibreglass entrance doors, that overrides other types of materials that are used to manufacture entrance doors (PVC, wood & steel). Fibreglass has the aesthetic appeal of wood with grain-like lines and come with stainable finishes (as well as painted or hue finishes), but with some added perks that are not apparent in authentic wooden doors. Our fibreglass entrance doors are far more durable than steel and wood doors, they possess an insulated polyurethane core and provide longevity & energy savings! Many homeowners like that fibreglass doors have a textured surface, which adds to the desired ‘wood grainy look’, especially when edge treated. Outstanding performance when it comes to wear and tear over time, fibreglass doors can take the outdoor weather elements, are moderately dent-resistant (a severe impact will crack a fibreglass door), and are very low-maintenance. Simply washing your fibreglass door with just mild soap and rinsing very well, will be all the attention that your new fibreglass entrance door will require.

Trending & Traditional Styles

Offered in a rich variety of wood-like textures/grains and colours, our helpful door specialists & fibreglass entrance doors can really assist you in creating that ‘wow’ first point of reference factor! We have single fibreglass doors, single fibreglass doors with 1 sidelite, single fibreglass doors with 2 sidelites and double fibreglass doors. There is the chance to combine ventilation units into your fibreglass entrance doors for fresh air flow, which enhances your interior entranceway. The best part about introducing sidelites and transoms to fibreglass entrance doors is the increased amount of natural light that pours into your entranceway, giving it a whole new perspective! Fibreglass doors do offer quite a bit more than other kinds of entrance doors, but they are cost effective (a bit higher end than steel doors, but less expensive than wooden doors), and worthy of your budgeted investment. Thinking long term, fibreglass entrance doors add real value to your home and provide you with energy savings in the duration, so a sound investment!

Quality Material

Providing superior rigidity, resistance to colder temperatures and resilient to minor impact damages, fibreglass entrance doors are truly an innovative product of the highest quality. The manufacturing moulding techniques used (moulded around the CFC free polyurethane core) is what gives these doors their strength, without issues of warping, cracking or shrinking, from sunlight, moisture or temperature fluctuations. Because our fibreglass doors are six times more ‘thermally friendly’ than actual wooden doors, they are also environmentally friendly…because they are free of chlorofluorocarbons. Our company carries the highest quality fibreglass stiles and rails to ensure all sides of the door are protected from moisture, with steel reinforcement to avoid bowing, provide thermal break and do not rot or corrode. There is an energy efficiency rating on all exterior doors in Canada (very similar to the energy ratings of new windows) which is the Energy Star Rating. Canada has three climate zones and it is important to know which climate zone you are in, to ensure your new door investment will work hard for you, while offering a beautiful focal point for your home.

Additional Options

As fibreglass entrance doors are versatile and possess the look and feel of real wood grain, choosing a gorgeous factory finish stain or paint colour finish, and incorporating transoms and/or sidelites, is just the beginning! You have lots of choices when it comes to additional security (reinforced full-length lock block), beautiful hardware pieces like handles sets, locks & deadbolts, and little extras like various shapes & sizes of grilles or specific designs implemented into sidelites and transoms. It is the additional options available to you that really sets your fibreglass entrance door apart from anyone else’s. Through custom made fibreglass doors, you can opt to create various fusions that results in the precise entrance door of your visions, allowing the ‘designer’ in you to come out and create! Our team of friendly door specialists will be available to you, every step of the way. Helpful, inside information on what works, what won’t work well together and everything between is how we can aid you in sticking to your budget and your overall goal.