Galvanized Steel Storm Doors

You may be wondering what galvanized steel is, and how it is useful when applied to steel storm doors. The answer to these questions are quite simple, think of galvanizing as a layer of protection for steel storm doors. Storm doors are a door that is placed in front of your existing entrance door to protect it from the elements, but there are other perks too, that you can utilize all year long. Storm doors come in a variety of styles, from full-glass to full-screen, to half solid with half glass, to half solid with half screen, to a full solid panel. Some homebuyers enjoy using a full-screen in the warmer months to allow not only great air flow, but to maximize on lots of natural light as well. Full-glass panels can provide lots of natural light too, without the ventilation, but both are interchangeable, should you wish to have access to both types. A solid panel galvanized steel storm door acts as a major blocker for winds and moisture like rain, especially when properly weather stripped. Our door experts are ready to assist you with any questions you have and to help you choose the right galvanized steel storm doors for your home.

Trending & Traditional Styles

One of the biggest perks of galvanized steel storm doors is their versatility, meaning, they can be manufactured to resemble wooden panels or another type of elegant look that a homeowner is seeking. Steel is strong and is less expensive then wood products, so if you can ‘mock’ the look of wood, but have the strength and durability of steel (and be more cost effective), wouldn’t this be an excellent choice for your home and your budget? Our door specialists can walk you through all the various styles of stock storm doors that we carry, and give you additional insight about galvanized steel storm doors that we can customize manufacture for you (creating your own door design is super-fun and provides you with precisely what you want for your home!). If your style is a more traditional type of storm door, we can help you obtain the same elegant and simplified style. If your tastes are more on the modern or contemporary side, we can help you with that style too.

Quality Material

The galvanization liquid is made up of a hot, molten zinc bath and to galvanize the steel storm door, it hot-dipped for an extra strong coating. The protective layer of galvanizing helps to block substances that induces rusting and corrosion, that is a factor over time, with constant exposure to the outside elements. Our company knows that Canada has three separate climate zones, so galvanized steel storm doors is of the utmost importance for maximum protection and longevity. Even if the galvanized coating is scratched, it will prevent the steel underneath from absorbing that damage. With that extra layer of protection, you can paint your galvanized steel storm door, which provides an even stronger layer of protection.

Additional Options

Magnetic weather stripping is the best when used with galvanized steel storm doors, it helps to guard against the elements and drafts that would normally be trying to breach your entrance door (which in turn helps your entrance doors be more energy efficient and saving you money). When it comes to painting your galvanized steel storm doors, our door specialists are here to help you with the information you need for prepping your doors and what type of paint to use, like 100% acrylic water-based paint or exterior oil-based paint. Additional options that are fun to consider are the hardware pieces that you will use on your storm doors (some handles have keyed locks for extra security measures). As mentioned above, you can opt to have your galvanized steel storm door custom made, which ‘opens-up’ your options when it comes to style and functionality. Storm doors can be hinged on the left or the right, depending on your preference and there are a multitude of other features that you will be informed about at the time you are ready to place your order with our company (like framing options and add-ons like grilles, or, if you would like your glass panel to have extras like low-e coatings, decorative designs or even tinting to add a layer of privacy).